Selecting targets does not always work

For example, when in PvP, the Jedi Consular is selected. I select another party member of the opponent, which works. I try to select the Jedi Consular again, but it doesn't work.

Another example from normal battle: A target with still high HP is automatically selected. The previously attacked target can no longer be selected, which makes it hard to focus fire power on a single target.

In all these cases, "taunt" is not active.

I have lost many battles because of this bug, and it is kind of annoying.


  • Have encountered the same issue (actually glad to hear someone else has, I thought it was my iPhone screen playing up).
  • This issue is my only real problem with the game thus far. That and the 5 minute limit, swap-based pvp ranking system. Top 20 is a freakin nightmare.
  • I'm playing on an ipad and this happens almost every battle. It's so frustrating. In one case it felt like there was a lag, but the target did switch to the character I tapped, but it only happened once so I might be mistaken. Please fix this. Every time it happens I feel like quitting the battle -and the game.
  • I have had this same issue (iPhone 6). Over the past few days, I took a screenshot whenever this happened (unfortunately I didn't have the foresight to write down what level I was on). Here are all of those images: Hopefully this helps in identifying when/where it happens!
  • I can confirm this. It happens eventually when I am playing with an iPad/iOS. Wondering if Android users are facing the same issue or if it is just iOS-related.
  • I posted about this on launch's being looked into.
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