General Problems with Arena

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1. You cannot fight if someone is fighting you.
Why is this a problem? For starters, It isn't like I can fight in my defense, I can only attack. Next comes time. Take yesterday for example. I had ten minutes before work and it takes me five minutes to get there. I decided to do a quick arena battle but no. I was engaged for nearly the full five minutes and had to skip it. What is the point in this? Either let me control my defense or allow me to fight as my time allows for it.

2. Ranks
Seriously, rank swapping is the worst possible way to handle this. We get limited amount of fights, without crystals, yet we can be attacked by an infinite amount of opponents. This feels way more pay to win than any card packs or triple a console game priced hero bundles. Rank loss/gain limits per day or a point based system needs to be worked on asap.

3. Power levels
They are not very representative of your matchup. a 10k team shouldnt beat my 18k just like I shouldnt beat a 24k team. Maybe power levels are not shown accurately or something.

4. Bariss Offee's ability to heal over heal immunity is game breaking. She can heal herself and anyone else that has the heal immunity debuff.

5. Dooku, master of counters and extra attacks. I have seen him attack 6 times in a row between counter attacks with 2 bonus attacks and then his own turn turning into 3 more attacks.

Before someone says to level my team, gear my team, get barriss or dooku...i am max level, full epic gear to the extent level 60 allows, I have dooku and barriss.

Please add in your own gripes, expand or critique my own points....just show the devs that the arena is horribly flawed all around


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    I think main current pvp problem is a list of available battles for 11-20 ranks.
    It is not normal, that player can jump from 11th to 2th rank, but from 10th - only to 7th at best.

    So there are some 'cursed' ranks - from 10th to 5th. Where you can fight just with nearest 3 ranks.
    And 'blessed' ranks - from 20th to 11th - where you can fight with nearest 9 ranks. Especially ranks from 14th to 11th - it is possible to get to 1th place just in 2 turns.

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    I agree that the availability of rank skipping is one of the biggest problems. Being in the 4-6 spots is the worst because it opens you up to be attacked by so many people. I can't see EA keeping the current system for too long.

    At worst, the system should slot people ahead of time the person they beat instead of flat out replacing the rank.

    In the mean time, am I the only one that's kinda enjoying the sniping action? It's a bit sadistic but its kind of fun watching people drop from a top 3 position to 13 in the last 10 minutes while they are permalocked from attacking. Id be so mad, LOL.
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