2* Leia worth it ? + Team Suggestion

Hey everyone ,
I pulled a Leia and was wondering if she is worth it at only 2*

I'm currently Level 58 and my Team is
7* Gear 7 Sid
5*(6 tomorrow) Gear 7 Lumi
4* Gear 7 Dooku
4* Gear 7 JC
4* Gear 6 Phasma

Some other chars are
4* Kylo, Boba, Talia, Vader
3* (could do 4) Fives, Poe
2* Kit, FOTP

Any advice what I could Change and if I should try the 2* Leia ?
I was thinking about replacing JC with Kylo and he is almost Gear 7 but then I pulled her and I read so much about her

Thanks in advance


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