Darth Binks? Where is he? Character addition

I love Galaxy of Heroes and am an active player of Star Wars Battlefront but believe with all of my heart that both could be improved significantly. How you ask? Well you must not have read the title, because I would like to ask the kind gentlemen and gentlewomen at EA to add Darth Jar Jar Binks to this great game. Jar Jar's secret evil identity, Darth Binks is a master of deception, combat, and force abilities, especially force persuasion. He is an excellent character to add since he has both an interesting and integral part of the Star Wars universe and excellent combat skills. Other than that, he single handedly saved the prequel trilogy for me and, if I may assume, many others. His addition to the game would improve its gameplay, it's fun premise, and it's connection to many who respect the unnofficial Star Wars extended universe and I think would make George Lucas proud by including one of his creations that sorely lacks the love of many in the Star Wars fan base. Thank you for your consideration and your time and may the force be with you.


  • They wont do this. Yes its know on the interwebs that Jar Jar COULD be the moat powerful Sith lord there ever was, Darth Plagues, but I digress, if they were to put that in a movie, it would be a secret plot twist. IMO they wont. Jar Jars character bombed, thats why they brought in Count Dooku.
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