New movie pack. Bring it back

Was hesitant to spend $100 on three characters and shards for a 4th but seeing both Finn and Kylo in action has made me really regret not getting it. If they brought this back, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Anybody else?


  • I'd buy the Dooku pack in a heartbeat, but i'd refrain from the movie pack. I'm fine with just farming them through the game. I personally don't think it's worth $100
  • Yah I missed the Dooku pack and would like that one as well. I'm too impatient for farming when they only have one source.
  • I'd buy kylo ren if they offered him in a separate package with some crystals at a lower price. i love how annoying dooku can be, so i'm making him my long term farming project
  • I've been doing the same but I usually get like 1 or 2 out of six a day if that. Only at 35/50
  • I'd like to see all the packs brought back in a rotating manner each week. I was surprised they didn't do this for the holidays, and not talking about a sale. Just an opportunity to buy.
  • I'm always talking about sales or lower regular prices. Things are so high right now. I'm sure the pricing is making a lot of people quit.
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