Mod Challenges and Mod Battles/ Credits/ 5 & 6star mods

The mod Battles node is useless after its auto cleared. I will probably never go in there again. I dont want 1/2 star mods. If i want cantina energy ill farm it from cantina and promote toons. So we have a whole node of 8 stages that is not good for any replay value or even sim value.

The Mod Challenges is next to useless. Im getting at least 2 or 3 6 star mods in raids every other day. Lets say 10 per week because of raids. I cant even afford to level the incoming 6 star mods with the normal credit income.

So to outfit my arena team with 30 6 star mods will probably take a month of full credit stream. Why would i invest in any 5 star mods when I cant afford to mod my 6 stars? So Challenges is useless too.

Forget about levelling any toons for the foreseeable future as all credits are spoken for at least a month. 2 months if you want 2 teams outfitted or different mods.

These 2 nodes werent really well designed and its not much fun knowing i wont be levelling any toons for 2 months.


  • Keyper
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    I already miss leveling up and starring my toons. I'm only lvl76 so getting them to 80 was a big deal.
  • StormTro0p3R_H
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    edited July 2016
    Keyper wrote: »
    I already miss leveling up and starring my toons. I'm only lvl76 so getting them to 80 was a big deal.

    Just level the one's that need it for gear 8. Level 70s, gear 8, top notch mods is fine. Stars are still necessary for the protection stat increase, though...
  • Skirata
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    Don't know if this is the place to say this, but I'm horrified that Raid VI/VII rancor raids are giving Tier VI/VII Mods. It used to be their only benefit was faster accumulation of the same raid gear we could get for Tier V, and Han Solo shards. Now it's the only way to get otherwise unattainable mods. I was hoping you would save the VI/VII mods for the reward for the Grevious Raid, giving everyone a chance to equalize with level V mods. Now, the gap between Guilds that raid T6/T7 and T5 is greatly increased.

    I'm very disappointed with this particular issue.
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