Mining Droid?

Hello, I play this game for a month and i loved it... I am on Level 32 right now... I do not know what am I doing with T-IV DLC-13 Mining Droid? What does it for? Please help me out, thanks!


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    You can sell it and get credits. Just like you do when you run the Credits Challenge three times a week (hopefully you are doing that). There is a "Sell Items" icon on the main page. Select that, then select your mining droids and watch them turn into sweet, sweet credits.
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    The only use for a miningdroid is to sell it for credits.
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    Oh! There is nothing related with upgrade equipment or special power? Just sell mining Droid and get credit? Who will buy it?
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    Droids are precious things, meat bag!

    On your home screen there is an icon on the left side of the screen labeled sell items. As it should be, the droid will likely be the most expense thing you possibly own.

    - Robotched
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