Clone Synergy Team?

What do y'all think about the viability of a clone-based team? Right now the options are somewhat limited to Fives, the starter clone unit, and plo koon for synergy purposes, but do you think a clone team would be a legitimate option as an AoE team with a couple healers? There is good chance that further clone units get added that would improve this setup down the road.


  • I honestly think as people level and gear up the DPS teams will overcome dual healer team quite easily. I think all classes clones/scoundrels/jedi etc will have a synergized dream team once the game is complete. Just as it stands now we are playing an unfinished game so its hard to find that combo right now thus everyone running heavy healer teams.
    Soft launch players are sitting at 60 waiting for the game to be completed or they could just spend thousands of dollars, which some have.
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