Defense Up, Advantage, Stun, ect.. Status Effects Explained, please!

Can someone please direct me to, or possibly write out, an explanation of all the status effects that occur in battle. I can't find them in the game or on this forum anywhere.

Please and Thank you!


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    You can try they have a lot of info there.

    Unfortunately the specifics of most of these buffs are not revealed by the game. If there is a default amount for defense/offense up/down it is not mentioned and other effects like advantage/expose/foresight are new since global release and I don't think anyone knows how they work.

    Even when a buff is specific (ie increase defense by 20%) we can't see a characters stats during a fight so there's no way to know which of them fall under the 'defense' blanket.

    I'm assuming the devs want to keep most mechanics hidden while they continue working on balance.
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