I guess it had to happen eventually

Two Han Solos to deal with.

Fight was actually pretty fun though.


  • pac0naut
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    Did their Han shoot first?
    Meanwhile, down on the farm....
  • Yeah, he stunned my Rey out the box lol.
  • pac0naut
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    WOW! That's good to know!
    Meanwhile, down on the farm....
  • I've always thought it was a horrible game mechanic to allow multiple copies of characters in a team. Have played other games which allowed it, and those games ultimately suffered through even smaller metas as a result.

    In most places even this game prevents it for challenges, LS/DS, etc.

    Wonder if anyone even considered this possibility...
  • Meerava
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    Of course they considered it. Doubt it's worth implementing a fix for it just for lore or continuity's sake. They're not too strict on continuity anyway (I mean come on, a girl with a stick hitting harder than all Jedis!).

    It breaks the game in absolutely no way. It's just funny.
  • image.png

    Yea he is on my server and fought against him a few times - not too op
  • MBL_66
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    Yea I've been underwhelmed by Han, one of those Chinese guild hoppers is on my shard and he's had a maxed Han for weeks but his team is an easy win and Han is just annoying for like 2 secs before he dies
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