SKZ Recruiting for Heroic Raids GMT+8

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Starkillerz aka SKZ is a GMT+8 clan with players mostly from South East Asia, with some players from US or Canada.

We have a few dolphins as well as ftp players. We are a friendly bunch of veterans who are always ready to help new players with questions about raids, arena team comp or mods.

While we have guys that can easily solo each phase of a raid we like giving equal opportunity for lower levels players and allow them to either hit twice or at earlier phase of a raid while the stronger players are limited to only one hit or only p4. We welcome krakens as well as ftp players.

We only have a few spots left so first come first serve!

1) 10 or more 7* gear 8 toons
2) 600 guild coins (energy spent) daily.
3) Participate in Raids and follow guild instructions.
4) Must have LINE.

If you are interested, please post a reply here or PM me @ yansolo or LINE 60171826.


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