Advice needed to complete my Rebel Squad

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Hey everyone, I could use some advice on my Rebel Squad.

Currently I run (all level 75 - Gears 8 & 9)
Akbar (L)
ST Han

7 star options that I have for the fifth team member are:
Hoth Rebel Scout

6 Star options are:
Hoth Rebel Soldier

... Or do I save my resources for R2-D2?

Who would be best to develop and run with the four core members I have listed above?



  • Petski
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    Go for the Hoth Rebel scout, he and STH are useful for TMG. With Leia's crit boosting and ackbar's speed you should have no problem getting top 20.
  • Alanis
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    HRS is awesome in so many places.
  • Zooey
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    Think Lando lead might be better, especially if you use HRScout as your 5th.
  • MaxRebo
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    Definitely HRS. I'm working towards a team of Lando (L), St Han, Leia, HRS and at the moment Biggs as the 5th; will see if Lando lead makes Biggs viable when the team is full strength.
  • TMK
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    HRSc definitely.
  • I have that team but with luke instead of hrsc. I gave him a bunch of crit chance mods and he gains tm very constantly, the stun and defence down is great as well. Luke is also preforms well in the raids.
  • Scoundrel Han
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