What are the odds?

So, this morning my girlfriend pulled a 4* (Dathcha) from the free bronze card. I'm just curious, what were the odds?


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    Is that possible? i mean are you sure she pulled from Free Bronze card?
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    No one really knows the actual odds of pulling a full 4* character from Bronzium cards, suffice to say that it's pretty low.

    @Kylven has posted the results from a small sample of Bronzium card pulls to give you a rough idea. Link.
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    I bet that everyone will win a 4* from bronze eventually unless they change the odds. I pulled one myself. A crappy one though (or not usual in the current meta)
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    Best thing I have gotten in bronze after a week of buying them is a single Biggs shard... one shard. I have been saving all my teamwork credits until they hopefully buff them only using the free ones now.

    So yeah I would have thought the odds were "three thousand seven hundred and twenty to one!"

    It should be a shard and a piece of gear guaranteed every time. I mean is 5 random shards per day going to break anything when you need hundreds of them per character?
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