Deconstructing the Galactic War Power Curve: A Detailed Look



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    I've been tracking my five highest power toons vs GW power for the month of July. I'm seeing percentages very close to you:

    Node 1 - 58%
    Node 2 - 60%
    Node 3 - 68%
    Node 4 - 59%
    Node 5 - 60%
    Node 6 - 92%
    Node 7 - 74%
    Node 8 - 75%
    Node 9 - 97%
    Node 10 - 83%
    Node 11 - 101%
    Node 12 - 111%

    I suspected this was how GW worked for some time and I intentionally do not raise my top five until after my bottom toons are powered up for this very reason. To date I've been lucky enough to finish GW everyday becasue of the balanced state of my roster. I'm tracking August as well and I can post those results when the month is done.
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    I don't have Rey or QGJ and I usually finish. I couldn't beat Tuesday's, but then I was rushed after having just done Monday's, that one extra node for the perfect 36 would have pushed my guild into the next tier, but then the various people who only did one node doing a second node could of just as well. It doesn't bother me than I am the only one who shoots for 36 nodes.
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    @SnakePliskin920 Thanks for the confirmation! Out of interest, what us your top5 and arena power?
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    Top five ranged from 24052 to 25411 in July. I runned basically my lowest five toons in arena and their power ranged from 16198 to 20240. Before the guild update you could run a low power arena team and walk through GW. I got in the habit of running the low power team because of that. I probably should actually try now in arena since it is unlikely they will change things back. However, it provides a very solid foundation that GW matching is not determined by arena power. The percentages are all over the place whereas comparing top five power generates a very consistent pattern.

    August will be interesting as I am starting to power up my top five toons. All of my lower toons are g8 and I'm starting to gear up those top toons. I'm nervous that I'll push my GW matching to a point where I can't finish daily but we will see. Once all the toons are g8 then I'll start in the middle with my ewoks and push them to g9, other middle toons, the lowest power toons (I'm looking at you Dengar), and then the high power toons again. I also level toons pretty evenly. I take the lowest level and throw my training droids on them once per day. My 34 toons range from 69-75 and star level 4-7.
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    @EventineElessedil Have you been tracking your power levels the last few days? I saw a dramatic change in the power numbers of many of my toons with the update. I was curious if you saw the same thing. Many of the toons have no mods so I wouldn't have expected any change.
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    @SnakePliskin920 No, I quit tracking all this, it takes too long. But I've been considering doing some spot checks because it seems like it's been easier lately.
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    @SnakePliskin920 No, I quit tracking all this, it takes too long. But I've been considering doing some spot checks because it seems like it's been easier lately.

    What I've seen lately is that I get opponents with fewer synergies. I used to get Rey and two tanks pretty often. Or Leila, Ackbar and Rey with Doku leader. So optimal arena squads. Lately I rarely get two tanks, often Leila without Ackbar and Reys appears rarely. They may have changed also the pool of possible squads that can be picked.

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    @SnakePliskin920 I'm staring at N9 right now which has 37953 power. My research above predicts that this node should be 97.6% ± 0.6% of my top5, or 100.3% ± 0.6% of my Arena power.
    • After the armor update, my top5 power is 38690, which would put today's N9 at 98.1%. Right in line with the assumption that top5 is the driver for GW scaling.
    • My Arena squad is at 36812, which puts today's N9 at 103.1%. This is NOT in line with the assumption that Arena power is the driver for GW scaling.
    Conclusion: GW N9 difficulty scaling is still consistent with 98% of my top5 power, and is NOT consistent with Arena power.
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