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Think you got a bug? Wondering it’s a known issue or not, but you just can’t be troubled with the thread by thread review? Has it been fixed? Are we even looking at it? Well you can look no further! I'll be updating this weekly as a handy dandy one stop resource to check and see if your issue is a bug, being worked on, currently fixed, or if its even a bug at all!

Inactive Guild Leader
Please have one of your guild officers ONLY file a ticket with EA support with their PlayerID and information on their guild in order to promote to an active guild lead.

NOTE- Remember! These changes will not be live until the Game Update is pushed.
  • Commander Luke’s Character portrait has been updated to better differentiate him from Luke Skywalker (Farmboy).
  • Death Trooper's "Death Trooper Grenade" will no longer increase the ability cooldown of units with special buffs.
  • The Defense Down debuff from the abilities of Cassian, Mob Enforcer, Ima-Gun Di, Lobot, and Sith Trooper will now properly apply on enemies.
  • Finn: "Balanced Tactics" Zeta Upgrade: Damage from Expose on enemy units that were defeated when the battle started (and then later revived) will now correctly trigger Turn Meter gain and cooldown reduction on Resistance allies.
  • General Kenobi: "Lead the Charge" will now correctly call allies with un-dispellable buffs to Assist.
  • Hermit Yoda’s buff icon “Master’s Training” has been updated with a custom icon.
  • Endurance's "Fortune Favors the Bold" will no longer hit through Foresight.
  • Ghost's "Sensor Scrambler" will now correctly apply Speed Down on enemies when their debuffs are resisted
  • Imperial TIE Fighter's "Control Thrusters" ability will now activate correctly when being called from Reinforcements.
  • The typo on Stormtrooper Han's level 8 Zeta ability "Bluff" has been fixed to say "10% Turn Meter" instead of "15% Turn Meter"
  • The French translation error for Shoretrooper's unique "Stand Guard" is now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the AAT's Danger Close ability to deal massive damage to targets that had "special" un-dispellable buffs (e.g. Boba Fett's Bounty Hunter's Resolve, Hera's Backup Plan, etc.)
Assault Battle Military Might
We're aware of an issue where in game messaging is indicating that Assault Battles: military Might is launching this weekend, when this isn't the case. Please refer to the Event Calendar <<HERE>> for the correct dates.


  • Crit damage not showing in Tank Takedown Raid
  • Leia's Omega-ed Rebel Tactics
  • Jyn Erso not giving turn meter
  • Jyn revive not working in Heroic Rancor Phase 1
  • Guild tickets not showing in Guild management
  • Guild chat functionality
  • Territory Battles rewards
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