I never had the dark side starter pack or daily crystal booster, can I get them still?

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i've been playing this game for a couple weeks only, when I started playing I saw the pack that had kylo, the one that had asajj, the one that had ig-88, and I believe one that had mace, but never since day 1 did I see the dark side starter pack or daily crystal booster, is there any way for me to get those? any advice is appreciated thank you


  • Supposedly the crystal subscriptions are coming back but the dark side starter pack is a limited time only once you reach a certain level. If you didn't buy that one maybe you missed over it or it was a bug that didn't show it. The dark side starter is a lot weaker now that it has greedo instead of Dooku but it's still probably the most reasonable pack of them all because it also includes shards and 500 crystals.
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  • ok thanks for the info guys, I was mainly looking for dooku, if its just greedo in that pack now then I dont really care lol It definitely wasnt in my shop though, I scanned those packs thoroughly looking for goodies from day one and every day since.

    crystal subscription sounds good, hopefully it comes back, can you explain what it does?
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