Video Guides - Galactic War, Arena, Gameplay Strategies w Team Comps & More!

Hey Heroes fans! I've started a channel to share useful information about SWGOH for players of all levels. I posted my first few vids:

Arena Strategy: This video is about how to develop a successful Arena Squad, and why it's necessary for all players. I discuss types of leaders and teams, and characters that are useful. Very detailed info in here!

Galactic War: Today I posted my first in a series of GW videos, giving team compositions and other useful tips and tricks for new and seasoned players alike.

I will be updating the videos constantly with new information....tomorrow I will discuss the recent update to armor, and how this is affecting your team and GW, as well as squad arena. I will do raid videos of the best compositions soon.

Hopefully others will find this useful as I had a tough time when I first started out. Thanks for your support and if you think they will be useful for anyone you know, please share them!


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    New Vid added to R5D4's YouTube Channel! This video is a review of Fives POST ARMOR BUFF. Take a look and see why Fives is such a beast. In my video I explain Fives' abilities, why he is so good, what changed with him, and then I use my current hybrid-Rebel arena team to take on an opposing Fives to show you just how difficult he is. Enjoy and please share if you find it helpful! I'm always happy to answer any questions or help you individually with your team, shoot me a message! Tomorrow I will be reviewing Sun Fac post Armor update so stay tuned.
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