More Match Options in Arena

Not sure if this has been brought up by anyone before, but it would be nice if there were more options for your potential matches in Arena - especially when you get into the lower ranks. If you are ranked 10 or under, for example, you only have 3 choices...and they don't change regardless of 'refreshing' the choices (unless one of them wins / loses a battle obviously) Today I was at rank #6 at 10 minutes before the deadline. My only 3 matches, no matter how many times I refreshed, were ranks #5, 4 & 3. I'm sure part of this is deliberate - if you can only reach the top couple spots by being rank #4 or above, then you have to use more Arena battles...which in turn means spending more crystals. I get it, and overall I wouldn't care except today all I would get is "The opponent is already engaged in a battle" for all 3 of my options. I tried each of them over and over for 9 minutes straight (they must have completed a battle somewhere in there and refreshed to join another, I just missed the 10 second window) - to no avail. Finally, at 1 minute before the deadline I was able to battle for the #5 spot - which I had to try to beat on auto since I had no time left. Didn't end so well needless to say.

Point being, I know I could have beaten the team that was in the #2 spot as I've beaten them the last several days, but it wasn't an option since I was locked into only those 3. What I'd like is either:
  • If a team is already in a battle, and therefore unable to be fought - it shouldn't be on the list and another match I could actually try should be substituted in it's place -- or --
  • The refresh simply gives a wider range of options - even at ranks under 10.
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