Ally point system broken - confirmed

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I noticed over the last few days that I would have the exact same amount of ally points when I would log back into the game after being off for 12 hours or so. This seemed a bit peculiar being that I have a seemingly uncommon hero as a leader (not chewie or dooku) that is also capped ability and gear wise for the level and I have 33 people on my allies list.

So I decided to give my brother in law a call to ask him how many ally points he currently had because I was about to use his barriss on a mission, he said he had 10 ally points. I proceeded to use his barriss and he still had 10 ally points. 45 minutes later, he still had 10 ally points. He then used my luminara, I didnt receive any points.

Please fix this or correct the text in game that states "you AND this player will receive 20 ally points"


  • I'm not receiving ally points when other use my heroes
  • I unlocked a character that I already had but instead of getting shards it was counted as a new so I'm 7/7 lightside (achievements) but I only have 6 characters
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    I never see ally points awarded except when I am actively playing.

    From another player in another thread: "I had an actual friend as an ally sit right next to me and use my hero for a dark side battle, win it, get their points and I got nothing. Broken."
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  • Rolf
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    Not listed as a "known issue" yet in stickies, so worth drawing attention to.

    This is costing everyone dozens of bronzium cards. Please address.
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  • Serious question.

    Where in the game does it say that you earn ally points for people using your character? I always just assumed you only earned points from using others only.
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    This could be a hard bug to trace, because a) many allies on our lists are people we don't know IRL, and b) we have no way to communicate with each other in-game.

    If anyone else has an ally they know in real life, additional testing could be helpful.

    PS - I'm the brother-in-law mentioned, and can confirm the bug. I've wondered for awhile now why I don't see my ally points accumulate much more quickly than they do. This is a pretty obvious explanation.
  • Its frustrating because right now bronze cards are bugged and dropping 4* and 3* characters. Im almost completely sure that was not there intended design as the description plainly states 1 and 2* only drops. I would guess bronze and chrono use the same system and there is a bug that randomly happens that pulls from the chrono cards when using bronze.

    I can confirm Barris basically a 50 buck character drops from bronze. So Im eager to use the bronze as much as possible before the next update in case I am right.
  • has been confirmed in the Bug Section as well, seems to be not working properly (well for the Champ User it does at least)
  • It says below the character you're about to borrow, "you and this player will receive points"
  • Huh well I'll be damned. I never even noticed that before haha
  • Still no answer ?
  • It doesn't give you points when others use your ally even though it says it does. I sat next to anally as they did it and I got nothing.
  • I've also confirmed this isn't working with two real life friends. We sat around a table and began using each others leaders and none of us received points for using each others lead. Only the player that picks their Ally gets the points.
  • the point isnt if its broken, its definately broken the question is when will it be fixed
  • the point isnt if its broken, its definately broken the question is when will it be fixed

    Respectfully, you are sorely mistaken. The devs weren't aware of the issue until recently, so having players speak up in threads is how bugs get fixed.
  • Rolf
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    But they haven't replied to the threads on this question (unless I missed it as there've been several) and haven't put it up in the "known issues" section. So we don't know if they're working on it.
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  • I also made a thread about this on November 29th .... No reply at all
    I confirm the bug using my tablet and a pc with bluestacks and clearly no ally points is awarded (exept those who borrow)
  • I suspected as much but as I didn't have a high level healer, thought maybe my allies weren't using my guys. Good to know I'm not going crazy.
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  • Qeltar
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    I just heard from EA_Jesse. This issue has been passed along to QA for review.
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  • Is there a way i can do something about it my self or just have to wait untill its fixed in update?
  • Can you be a bit more specific please?

    What is it about ally points you're trying to fix?
  • They don't add correctly or don't add up at all.
  • I know I'm not getting ally points awarded when allies use me. I've watched side by side with an ally they initiated the battle and used me and were awarded 20 points, I received zero and I'm convinced this has happened other times as the only points I receive are when I've started the battle. Please investigate
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  • yesterday i didn't get 600 points from arena -.- and some other days to.
  • This is not a new bug but one which was pointed out 3 eeeks ago that i am aware of, but still exists. I do not get Ally Points from others using my heroes. While I have no way to verify, I did star Phasma to 5 stars and gear level VII, and then placed her as my leader in arena, in GW, and in all of the events. My thought was that upon doing this, people would start using her to try her out and finally I would get some Ally Points. I still have not received any. I even did all of the challenges at midnight to ensure that she was my leader before the majority of my full ally list used all of their chances.
    I still do not get any ally points above what i earn from using my energy.

    2 weeks ago, i got like 12,000 ally points out of nowhere, which i assumed meant the problem was fixed and that those points were just the server holding them and finally released them. Ive received none since that burst.
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  • Im still not getting any.
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  • Good! Any resolution? Im not getting any and ive tested explicitly watching for it.
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  • Im still not getting any ally points. I am even running Phasma 5* gear 7 and watching... still nothing, no increase.
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  • Any solution yet?
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