Changes I'd Make

I think the game is awesome and I play it everyday. I'm not a F2P player but I'm not a P2W either. I am somewhere in between. I say that because even though I do pay for some stuff, i still get my face melted in GW and PVP. That's fine though, if the game was easy it wouldn't be any fun. I would however make some small changes.

Galactic War
Since this is a hot topic right now, I can start here. I don't really care that you tweaked the retreat option. To be honost I only discovered it like 5 days ago so I dont really miss it.
According to one of the posts I read. The Galactic War is meant to be your endgame. It is suppose to pit you against a diverse team and get progressively harder and not intended to be completed easily. You want to encourage players to explore different party comps/strategies in order to complete the War. This is my understanding of the GW anyway.

I think GW would be a lot more fun if you (EA/CG) controlled the types of teams we face in the GW. Right now its a player made team facing off against another player made team. It makes it so GW isn't all that different from Squad arena. Except in Squad Arena i can choose weather I want Sidious or Captain as the opposing leader. All the teams are pretty much the same and there is very little diversity.

I would propose that you create the teams we would face based on their synergies. I have never seen a droid build, or a scoundrel build. If i saw an empire build then I would try to build a republic team to see what would happen. This way you could make the GW diverse and still scale the difficulty the way you wanted to by adjusting the npc gear and star ratings to you desired difficulty level. Then through in some RNG so that the teams that are faced are not in the same order or even the same team synergies as the day before.

Bronzium Data Card
I like that I can get free stuff but i feel like it can be tweaked to better support the GW endgame. I think that it should only be shards, cash, and training droids. You have 71 toons that require different numbers of shards to unlock. Players already know that unlocking a toon is half the battle. The real struggle comes from increasing its rarity. Unlocking say Kit Fisto is pretty sweet, until I see its only two stars and realize a 6 star Jawa will destroy him in any game type. Everyone is trying to get the star count up and i don't think giving out 1 random shard per bronze pack will break the pace you have already created. I think this would be more of a "cherry on top" then a real advantage. This would allow the F2P players a measure of diversity while not taking anything away from the P2W players. I also feel like all gear from all levels should have increased drop rate. I mean i have to grind 40 purple laptops for one gear slot on Daka. I don't mind the grind and I know its intended to extend game play. But, spending a whole days worth of energy and then 100 crystals worth for 3-4 laptops extends the game far beyond what I am willing to play. I mean that is just for one toon, I have teams that I want to build up. If it takes me a month to build up a toon, then i feel like i will never progress. However, if the below was added then the grind for gear wouldn't feel like i didn't progress because at least i got Ally Points out of it.

Allies are great and play into what was discussed above. I only really have one small tweak i would add. I would like to be able to set 2 leaders to my account, one dark and one light. No matter what my current team looks like, my allies would be able to select the hero they want from my set leaders. I think this would help get Sidious off of 90% of my selection. Also, I run a nightsister group with Ventress as leader. Her leader ability only affects nightsisters, the only reason someone would want her on their team is if they were running a nightsister group. If they are running a nightsister group then they would already have Ventress in the party. If i could set say, Daka, as my characters dark side leader then more people would be willing to use her for support. Yes, i could always have Daka lead my group but that isn't the strategy I want to use. I'm sure others would feel the same. I imagine that players who run the Captain or Sidious as their leader get frustrated when they cant use a lot of people on their friends list. Or players that use Luminara as a leader can only choose Chewbacca.

Like I said, I love the game. I think the above suggestions would benefit the players without giving away to much on your part. I also have an idea for a new game mode but feel like this post is to long already. I'm no business man so i don't know how this would affect your P2W players. I can tell you that I do pay for content and don't feel like it gets me any where though. For me, its only a matter of time before i ask myself "Why do you even buy crystals if doesn't get you anywhere?"
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