Game Updates 8/30/2016

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Hiya! Here are the game updates for 8/30/2016. Cheers!
New Events:

Training Droid Smuggling
This all new-event is replacing Training Droids Hunt [Taps plays on Bugle]. This event uses Scoundrels, and rewards training droids (way, WAY more than the old event) and ability materials (in low quantities) with a chance at an Omega for the level 80 version. There are 4 tiers: 30, 50, 70, & 80. The difficulty tuning is similar to Credit Heist, although the level 80 version is a little more difficult than the others.

Rogue One Event: Scarif Rebel Pathfinder
The monthly login character for September will be the all-new unit “Scarif Rebel Pathfinder” from the upcoming Rogue One movie. In concert with that, there will be an event requiring a Rebel team that players can play once per day to get an additional shard of this character. Completing the event each day for the month (30-day event) and completing all logins will give enough shards to get the character to 3 stars.

Updated Events:

Credit Heist
  • The Heist has been rebalanced and now has two additional tiers at level 30 and 80. In addition, rewards have gone up across the board.
  • Max Plays in Credit Heist and Droid Smuggling is now shared across all tiers. This means you can play a total of 2 times, across all tiers
Assault Battles: Military Might
  • Now has two tiers of difficulty to match Ewok Assault. Tier 2 is very, very hard.
  • Tier 1 now unlocks at level 75 (was 78) but is still tuned for 78-80.
  • Both tiers are balanced to accommodate mods. You'll need approximately 1-star mods at lvl 15 for tier 1, and 4-5-star mods with some degree of levels for Tier 2.
  • Free plays changed to 1. Rewards increased to compensate. Refreshes are now a sliding scale, starting somewhat cheap and escalating.
  • SubBoss Vader damage increased by ~200%, Potency increased to 100/150 in Tier 1/2. The Vader fight now mirrors Palpatine in function to help teach the boss fight mechanic.
  • Boss Palpatine's damage increased 10x. No amount of mods will help you survive the murder lightning.
  • Removed the new "auto deal damage to Rebels" from Palpatine in this event. It turns out 10x damage automatically at the end of his turn would instantly reduce almost anyone to 1hp. Oops.
  • Palpatine won't use his buffs or AoEs in his boss encounter.
  • It is much harder to evade Palpatine’s basic attack in this event now.
  • Credit Heist & Droid Smuggling will now function off of UTC time and run for 24 hours each time they are live. On days when they start, they will start at 11:00 UTC (7AM Eastern).
  • Credit Heist and Droid Smuggling events will be live from the Update time, at 11:00 UTC
  • The number of times a player can complete the credit heist event has a max of 2, but rewards have been increased! [Note: Players should always complete the highest tier available]
  • Galactic Gear Pack is available in store! For a limited time you can get the gear you need, and have a chance to get exclusive Raid Gear.
  • Credits Bundle available in Arena Shipments
  • The B2 Battle Droid is now available in Cantina Battle Stage 6 Mission D
  • Kit Fisto is now available in Cantina Battles Stage 4F
  • The MK 5 Arakyd Droid Caller has been replaced with the MK 7 Nubian Security Scanner in PVE Shipments EDIT-The MK 5 Arakyd Droid Caller and MK 7 Nubian Security Scanner has been replaced with the following-
    • MK 5 CEC Fusion Furnace
    • MK 6 Nubian Design Tech
  • Wedge is now available in Cantina Stage 6 Mission F
  • Training droid event is being replaced with the limited time Droid Smuggling Event.
      Bug Fixes:
      • Event action caps should no longer refresh during the middle of the event for some users. All action caps should refresh at the same time in UTC as the event ends.
      • Pirate Enforcer and Saboteur (the Rodian Pirate PvE units) have had cooldowns added to their AoE abilities.
      • Emperor Palpatine: "Lightning Strike" will no longer inflict Shock if the attack is Evaded.
      • Emperor Palpatine: "Power of the Dark Side" will no longer inflict Stun if the attack is Evaded
      • Typo for Wedge Antilles in the ability description for Comrade in Arms has been fixed in German
      • Darth Maul: "Dancing Shadows" now correctly grants Evasion to Sith allies
      • Darth Sidious: "Sadistic Glee" now correctly grants Evasion against Jedi attacks at max rank.
      • The offense down debuff applied by Coruscant Underworld Police will now expire at the end of an encounter. (For example, when applied in Credit Heist to a character in the player's squad.)
    Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
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