Original Character Design (for fun!)

I did this for another game too, and love it.
Design your own unit, be it you, an OC, or a Star Wars Character you want.
Define role if possible
List moves (Lv.7, upgrade list if you really want)
Up to 3 moves, a passive, and a Leader ability Max.

Have fun!


  • My character would look like a gremlin with a lightsabre. He would be very old and wise. His sabre would be green. His attacks would be
    acrobatic and devastating.

    I would name him
    My name is cosmicturtle333, aka CT-333, aka Threes.
  • Drew Fulstar
    Light Side
    Drew Fulstar is a Support Character who can save allies from death and Counter for allies

    1: Open a Point- Shoots, then follows up with a Lightsaber Slash.
    My character would look like a gremlin with a lightsabre. He would be very old and wise. His sabre would be green. His attacks would be
    acrobatic and devastating.

    I would name him

    Don't forget the moves and all that :P I did say feel free to make Cannon Star Wars characters too.
  • I would probably make Starkiller, copy his best moves from the force unleashed. He would be light side for me.
    My name is cosmicturtle333, aka CT-333, aka Threes.
  • I'd like to see commander Jace Malcolm
    He would have defeating sith synergies and be a great leader for an anti sith team. Which is much needed in the game.
    I think he would be a tank with decent attack. :)
  • name Dante Vincenzo - class Mandalorian Jedi
    healing immunity chance 50%
    stun chance 10%
    30% chance attack again
    10% chance attack 3rd time

    100% chance ally assist
    35% chance 2nd ally assist

    if attacked
    all enemies gain defense down
    all allies gain offense up

    each turn all cooldowns -1
    meter +10%
  • Drew Fulstar
    Light Side
    Amaran, Scoundral
    Drew Fulstar is a Support Character who can save allies from death and Counter for allies

    1: Open a Point -
    Shoots, then follows up with a Lightsaber Slash.
    50% chance to Target the enemy (100% hit and Crit)
    50% chance to take off 25% turn meter

    2: Life Worth Living -
    Slices the enemy, then fires twice as he turns tail and retreats
    Heals 100% of damage dealt

    Passive: What You've Got -
    40% chance to counter attacks against an ally with Life Worth Living, the healing going to the attacked ally. If the character was KO'd, the proc drops to 20%, and revives the ally to 1 before healing. Chance is 80% if Drew is attacked while an ally is still alive.

    Leader: Let The Force Guide You -
    Jedi, Amaran, and Scoundral allies gain 10 speed, 5% Crit chance, 10% Crit damage, and 5% Offence, Defence, Potency, and Teneticy

    His damage is really low, but with high Evasion, speed, and moderate HP and DEF.
  • I kinda wanna see Jabba the Hut.........or a Rancor!!!
  • Some of the abilities you all are coming up with would be extreamly op. I'll post the one I did for jabba about a month ago.

    Jabba The Hutt
    Tank, scoundrel

    Strength Modifier: med
    Agility Modifier: med
    Intelligence Modifier: High

    Bonus to Health
    High Resistance to melee attacks and 25% chance to completely nullify any attack.
    50% chance to resist all buffs and debuffs.
    -25% damage from all special attacks.

    Basic: B'tch slap - deal physical damage to the enemy ( attack weaker than bariss )

    Special: Taunt - all enemy attacks must hit jabba. Last 4 turns with 8 turn cool down.

    Unique: Laugh - offense down on all enemy characters, add offense up for friendly scoundrel units for 2 turns. Also 25% chance to stun all female enemy units for 1 turn. 5 turn cool down.

    Leader: My kind of scum - all scoundrel allies get +10% crit, + 10% crit damage and 20% to call in an assist from another scoundrel unit to ambush the enemy. Attacking unit deals 25% more damage.
  • Yachi
    (Squib Padawan raised by Twi'lek)

    Pick them Apart- Applies a stacking Debuff called "Shattering" that reduces Armor, Resistance, and Tenacity by 5%, with an X% chance to apply another stack per stack already in the target. Heals will remove the Debuff

    Follow Your Heart- Single Target attack that steals buffs from the target, then gives them to allies. If there was no buffs, heal all. At higer levels, in addition to the heal, apply some basic buff(s)

    Free-flowing- Gains Eva for each ally, and Gains turn meter when dodging. At higher levels, also gain on Crits or misses, and heal on dodges

    Wing It!- Allies have a low chance to join in on or counter attacks. Force users have a higher chance to proc this.
  • Zanhaep
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    Kettch - Ewok, New Republic, Attacker

    Basic - Yub, Yub - Deals Physical Damage to enemy with 50% Chance of Stun

    Special - Ewok Pilot - Gets in a X-Wing and deals special damage to all enemies

    Unique - Genetically Enhanced - All Swollen Allies gain 15% Tenacity
  • Zanhaep
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    ^ **** autocorrect
    Swollen should be Ewok
  • Ok, I've done some changes to my people, since the game I usually make people for closed, I've been doing more GoH recently, here are some:
    Long list, lots of copy/paste

    Drew remains the same
    Drew Fulmire is an Amaran Scoundral with Force Sensitivity and a lightsaber, though he prefers his trusty blaster. He is a support who excels in annoying the enemy by keeping his allies going in fights with healing, targeting, and chip damage

    Light Side
    Klar is a tank/attacker with an emphasis on control and with anti-Jedi/Sith abilities.

    Basic: Suppressing Blows
    With a spin, Klar snaps open his electrostaff and Strikes
    X% chance to apply Offence Down. Furthermore, removes up to X% turn meter on a Crit. Any wielder of a Lightsaber cannot resist.

    Special 1: Bring it on!
    Growling, Klar taunts his foes
    Klar taunts for 2 turns (upgrades duration to 3) furthermore, he takes X% less damage and Regains X% HP a turn

    Special 2: Heavy-Duty Blaze
    Klar unleashes a focused torrent of fire at a single target, dealing Special Damage, and removing an extra X% HP + X% per status effect on the target. This attack Bypasses Protection.

    Unique: Togorian Physiology
    Klar is immune to Stun, Speed Down, and Ability Block. Additionally, he has an x% chance to counter attacks and reset the cool down of Heavy-Duty Blaze.

    Klar is a Togorian (big cat-like species, averages about 9 feet, Klar is bigger than average at an even 10) who specializes in punishing enemies who do many lesser attacks by countering, resetting his Heavy-Duty Blaze, and lighting up enemies who are buffed and/or debuffed. Also, his basic has Anti-Jedi and Sith properties

    Light Side
    Yachi is an evasive Jedi Attacker with a Self-Revive

    Basic- Let the Force Flow
    Deals Physical damage to an enemy, with an X% chance to gain Evasion Up. (If Yachi has Evasion Up, he deals X% extra damage and gains Foresight instead.)(Zeta- If he had Foresight, double the bonus damage and grant a random ally Evasion Up, with Foresight if it's a Jedi)

    Special- Dive In
    Deal Physical Damage to an enemy, dispelling all effects on them, and gaining X% HP and TM per Effect. If this is a killing Blow, the enemy cannot Revive, and if Yachi has Evasion Up, gain Foresight

    Unique 1- Fight and Flight
    Gain X% Evasion and X% Offence. The Evasion bonus is halved and the Offence is doubled if Yachi has a debuff

    Unique 2- Zero Hour
    When Slain, Yachi revives with X% HP (Double with a buff) and gains the Zero Hour buff
    (Can't revive, gains 10% TM when hit and double when evading)

    I reworked Yachi into an annoying evasive Jedi with a self revive, basicly Old Ben's original (false) description 2.0. Debuffing him will drop his Evasion, but raise his Offence. While Yachi doesn't do much damage, with his Evasion and special, he can be a big annoyance untill you put him down.

    Aurora Drewmire
    Light Side
    Amaran, Jedi
    Aurora Drewmire is a Jedi "Tank" who tanks opening Salvos to buy her team time to rally

    Basic- Defensive Stance
    Deal Physical damage, and gain Defence Up. If you already have Defence Up, regain X% Protection. (Omega- And Tenecity Up)

    Special 1- Cover the Retreat
    Taunts for 2 turns. When struck, grants allies X% TM and herself X% HP and X% TM.

    Special 2- Rally the Forces
    Deal uncounterable special damage, and call all Jedi allies and 1 other ally to assist, dealing X% less damage. All gain X% Protection (Jedi gain PHoT)

    Unique- Ultimate Price
    Aurora starts combat taunting for 2 turns, and with a buff that prevents taunts from being dispelled for 1 turn and making her take X% less damage. Grants X% TM, HP, and Protection on death.

    Aurora has a simple job, one which she shares with Shoretrooper and ST Han: draw fire. She can eat opening Salvos better than her stats would look due to her Unique, and her active taunt gives her more survivability, but less TM advantage than ST Han. Her job is to sacrifice herself and fills the role as a Jedi Tank who can taunt.

    Bohdi Rook
    Bohdi Rook is a unique support with both Rebel AND Empire synergies, and counts as a member of both factions

    Basic- Pilot's Reaction
    Deals Physical damage with a 15% chance per Empire Ally to apply X DoTs, and a 15% chance per Rebel ally to gain Potency Up.
    Omega - base 25% chance
    Zeta - Grant Potency Up to all allies, gain Speed Up

    Special 1 - Extraction Plan
    Grant all allies Evasion Up, and a 10% chance per Rebel ally to gain Foresight. Bohdi gains stealth
    Omega - Empire Allies add 5% chance

    Special 2 - Behind Enemy Lines
    Apply Evasion Down (and Speed Down) with a 10% chance per Empire Ally to apply Offence Down. If the target has a Taunt, Dispel it.
    Omega - Rebel Allies add 5% chance

    Passive - Imperial Defection
    Grant Rebel Allies X% Potency and Empire Allies X Speed.
    Omega - Bodhi gains these effects too
    Zeta - Empire gains Offence based on their speed, Rebels gain Max HP based on their Potency

    I'll be honest... I loved Rook in Rouge One, he seemed like this one-off guy, then wasn't. Rook is a support, like Ackbar, his team buff is meant to work with Rebels, while the debuff is meant to aid the Empire, and his basic's synergy swings based on who he's with.
  • DanTastix_1
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    edited January 2017
    Rebel Janitor
    A Rebel with a mop.
    Basic- Instantly win the game by drowning entire other team in dirty water.
    Released in a tournament.
    power creep on him and tournament sounds about right, eh?
  • Whatever_Man
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    Asogian, Support


    Face hit {Basic}
    ET waddles to opponent, trips, and hits his face onto opponent. 10% chance ET will heal opponent. Yoda assists if he is present and deals 40% less damage.

    Ouch {Special}
    Heal chosen ally to full health. Cannot heal itself.

    Phone Home {Special}
    Ship comes and does AoE damage.

    Hide {Unique}
    At start of match, ET auto hides. If Yoda is present on opponent team this ability is debuffed.
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