What's the best way to farm Credits?

Hi guys,

I'm a level 75, f2p player who ranks 40-80 in battle arena and I'm feeling the credit crunch much like most everyone I imagine. I feel the crunch regardless of how credit efficient I try to be. I don't have a scoundrel squad as of yet, so naturally don't compete in credit heists and feel like the investment in a scoundrel squad as a f2p player would have a very slow rate of return and may not be worth it at the moment. Please tell me if I'm wrong and if leveling up a scoundrel squad reaps the benefits. How strong would my three other characters aside from ST Han and Lando have to be?

I assume someone must have done the math concerning the most efficient way to farm credits. Naturally, one has to complete daily activities, GW, spend energy in Cantina and Light/Dark side battles and I imagine the credits earn for that to be somewhere between 650k and 800k, but I'm wondering more if anyone has done the math on how many credits you earn for energy refreshes, where that energy would best be spent and if it's economically viable to refresh more than twice a day for credit earning purposes and if Cantina refreshes are worth it.

I imagine energy refreshes are the most efficient way to spend crystals weather it be for farming shards, gearing up or acquiring credits. Please let me know if there's a thread about farming credits out there or let me know where you think is the best place to farm credits. Are there battles that reap larger rewards energy/credit wise, if so, is it significant and which ones?

Thanks a lot


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    Fwiw I think that building a scoundrel squad would be a good investment overall, it may take a while granted, it also will start paying you back immeadiatley thru the heist events, and as you grow the squad, you will be able to complete higher tiers and get a better return on investment. Chewie good be a member there if you have him, also lando is a good char to farm and ig 88 . That would be a solid reliable way to ensure credit and trainer bonuses. Other then that just scroll thru node payouts when farming gear or shards and it will show you the credits per, ls/ds for example have two tables that cost the same energy, how ever the higher table pays a bit more exp and credits, that's one way to help accrue a bit more creds
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    Flipvan wrote: »
    Please tell me if I'm wrong and if leveling up a scoundrel squad reaps the benefits.

    You are wrong!!!

    Before the 8/30/2016 update, Credit Heist event gave you 1M credit.
    Now it gives you 2x2.5M credit on average, and if you are lucky, you can get 2x10M credit.

    Build your Scoundrel team ASAP!!!!

    Some scoundrels:
    1. Lando Calrissian (he is meta now, you must have him) [Catina Energy]
    2. Stormtrooper Han (he is also meta now, you must have him) [Arena shipment]
    3. Cad Bane (easy to farm) [GW shipment]
    4. Dengar [Guild shipment]
    5. Clone Wars Chewbacca (you has him already)
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    Hahaha, love the triple exclamation points, maybe an exclamation point or two too many, but thanks for the advice. I didn't know the payoff was that high.

    The Heist doesn't seem to come around as much as EA initially predicted though right? Am I right to understand that it's about a monthly event? But even if that's true and it's only once a month, if you do manage to score 5M on average (I imagine this is at the highest nod) that's a pretty good return. That's about 166k per day. Less than GW, but still pretty good.

    Do you know approximately how strong my Toons would have to be to be successful in each nod and do you happen to know the payoff for each nod?

    Thanks again guys.
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    Credit Heist has been pretty much bang on weekly for a while now

    If you are feeling credit crunch the ONLY way is to invest in scoundrels as best you can to participate in event...
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    Has it really been dropping weekly? I guess I mustn't have noticed seeing how I don't have a scoundrel team.

    I'll start working on my Lando, St Han and try and throw in IG88 soon.
    Being f2p though, getting a 5 toon scoundrel squad will likely take me a minimum of 2 months.

    Is there a confirmation that this event will be around for the long run?

    Lando and St Han are good investments regardless and they'll give me some depth, but seeing how I don't have droids IG88 won't be great on my other teams, my chewie's fine enough I suppose, but who do you suggest as a 5th? Bane? I guess he's easy enough to farm...
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    galatic is the most consistent way.
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    1. Since 8/30, we have 4 Credit Heist events already.
    With scoundrel team, you can also participate in Training Droid Smuggling event. It's win-win.
    It will be around loooooooooooong.

    2. There are 4 tiers now. Even if you can't beat the highest tier, you can easily earn 1M credit by beating the lowest tier.

    3. You can farm 5 scoundrels simultaneously.
    bluenqm wrote: »
    1. Lando Calrissian (he is meta now, you must have him) [Catina Energy]
    2. Stormtrooper Han (he is also meta now, you must have him) [Arena shipment]
    3. Cad Bane (he is easy to farm) [GW shipment]
    4. Dengar (he is useful in raid) [Guild shipment]
    5. Clone Wars Chewbacca (you has him already)

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    Thanks for the advice.

    I'll get on it asap.

    It does seem like the most useful of the events at the moment, I'm not knocking the Yoda or Palps events, but credits do allow for so much more squad diversification.
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    I started out as a F2P player, mainly am, I just spend a little when I had a severe credit drought.

    I farmed Lando (nearly at 7*) Cad Bane, Chewie IG88 and ST Han, I have to say i have made my investment back already. It is really worth it. Just be prepared for the farm. the great news is you can farm Lando, Cad Bane and (ST Han or IG88) at the same time. so in around a months time you should be able to do the 4th tier and reap some rewards. I havent geared up my toons enough yet for the final tier. but not too far away
  • Flipvan
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    Thanks a lot,
    I got back to farming Lando and Storm Trooper Han and am now farming Bane. I'm just 5 shards from getting Dengar, so I may just unlock him from guild credits and use him as my 5th to start off. Yeah I figure it'll take me about a month to have a team and 2 months to have a decent enough team to do tier 2 and 3, but maybe 2-3 months for tier 4 depending on how devoted I am to leveling/gearing them all.

    Out of curiosity I ended up adding the credit return rates based on the possible reward tabs for energy based battles. It actually surprised me to see the discrepancies between cantina and Light/Dark side battles. the per crystal return rate for credits seems to be more than double for cantina energy than it is for regular energy. I guess it makes some sense in that farming shards and or mods do require spending more credits than for gear/slower shard drops...

    Anyway, purely looking at this through a credit earning perspective, cantina energy refreshes seem a much more profitable way of spending crystals. I have yet to unlock level 7 cantina battles as I'm only level 76, but still see a big difference between cantina energy reward rates compared to regular energy. I looked at how many credits I would earn spending 120 energy for level 1 battles in contrast to level 8 battles based on the possible rewards tab. I didn't check how accurate this tab is and am even unsure if we're always awarded credits as rewards, I suppose I never paid close attention to my rewards apart from what shard or gear I received. The information bellow is based on the assumption we always get rewarded with credits for every battle, but even if we don't, the discrepancy between credit rates should still be virtually the same. Here is what I found:

    Normal Battles: 3800 – 11520 Credits per 50 Crystal Refresh Avg: 153.2 credits per crystal
    Hard Battles: 3300 – 9360 Credits per 50 Crystal Refresh Avg: 126.6 credits per crystal
    Cantina Battles: 15000 – 50000 Credits per 100 Crystals Avg: 325.0 credits per crystal
    Mod Battles: 36000 Credits per 100 Crystals Avg: 360.0 credits per crystal
    Mod Challenges: 38400 – 56250 Credits per 100 Crystals Avg: 473.25credits per crystal
    Tier 3 Health Mods: 562.25 credits per crystal

    Does the Credit Mega pack really give between 560k-1.68m credits?
    If so and assuming the average is then 1.12m that would be a return of 1882.35 credits per crystal, which isn't bad.
    If however it gives nearer to 560k most of the time then the return would be 941.18 credits per crystal, which is still not terrible, but it does only give out credits and like most people I feel like credits are more of a secondary resource compared to gear, shards and mods and I just don't see it as a good way of spending crystals.

    I know Energy refreshes don't make a big difference in acquiring credits, what with GW accounting for almost 500k per day and events like credit heist, if weekly and played at the higher tiers account for about 700k per day, but being a f2p player, 30k to 50k more per day can make a difference in the long run. Call me frugal, but I'm trying to be as resource efficient as I can be.

    Anyway, looking at crystal usage from a credit earning perspective, I think I'll start using my crystals mainly on cantina energy refreshes. What do you guys think, am I missing something, is my thinking too one dimensional, am I overlooking the importance of more quickly accumulating gear and using my refreshes more in that area, or do cantina energy refreshes just seem like a better overall option seeing how they have a greater secondary resources (credits) profit margin.

    Thanks for the input.

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    Scoundrel squad is needed im free to play and got 5 million of the heist today. You need to have a scoundrel squad or you will forever be lost in the credit crunch wasteland
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    Thanks man,
    Just rush farmed 4 scoundrels with St Han 2 shards away playing my first credit heist with 4 scoundrels, level 60 Chewie and fresh out of the gates level 50 Lando, Dengar and Cad Bane and was very surprised at the rewards. I ended up getting a total of 1m credits just from the first tier alone. I can't wait for the heist to come around again when I have a geared and leveled up squad of 5 :)
    Definitely seems worth the investment, especially considering the usefulness of Lando and St Han.
    Thanks for the advice guys
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    Try the highest tier you have accessible, then work down from there
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    One way to be richer is do do less with your money.
    I think that sounds very trivial but since december I only have about 12 top characters, so I need to consider what I need any credits for. Less characters equal less gear, less mods needed, less to chase and more time working out what is of use.

    I would however recommend a basic scoundrel squad and a core arena team are needed.
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    Yeah, I totally agree with the less is more theory and focused mostly on 5-8 characters, but naturally the game developers don't like that and have made events and mod challenges appealing enough to branch out and have a variety of characters. Though I'd love to have an Ewok team for raids, an Empire team for Mods, a Jedi, rebel and scoundrel team for events and be relevant in arena, I feel like that's just not feasible as a f2p player, and probably not as a P2P player as well.
    My focus has mostly been on arena and I've just recently branched out to about 10 characters to try and field decent scoundrel and rebel teams for event and mods, but it sure is more costly.

    We'll see how it goes. Yoda, +1M raid scores per squad and most mod challenges will just have to remain on the back burner and wait :/
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