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    This is the worst thing you can possibly complain about. If you set auto attack in the beginning, you can come back to your spoils or another attempt. I could see if you were losing attempts if you lost but you're not. You don't need to be present in those battles to win/farm.
  • Unfortunately, this isn't the developers fault, it's your own. They need to make a schedule, and they made it. If it doesn't adhere to yours, then you need to prioritize what's more important to you. A half hour before you go to bed to cycle through challenges (shouldn't take you much longer than that if you do them all after another), or you don't play the game as much.
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    Op what is your problem? Stop calling people noob when we do you a favor. No wondering you can't completed those challenge or make time to finish those challenge. Have you take my suggestion?

  • Having Sunday as the "bonus" day is probably one of the best days for most people. If it moved to Saturday, there will be people negatively affected by it. If it moved or shifted equally to weekdays, there will be people negatively affected by it as well. Point being that they can't satisfy everyone.

    Playing games has associated opportunity costs with it. This affects everyone. While it's unfortunate that your Sunday schedule is busy, it's not really unfair, nor CGs fault for this.
  • do what i do and play at work. i can auto everything except the mace windu one since my tanks arent really boosted well.

    that being said, i wouldnt mind if they randomized the day of the week the super bonus was.
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    Phyneas .. You're basically arguing to defend unfair advantage in a game.

    Regardless of anything else-- reflect and introspect on that.

    What unfair advantage? All the same challenges are available to everyone.

    You don't make any sense.
  • It's a conspiracy! Galaxy of Heroes has a vendetta specifically against those who work on Sundays! Boycott this game immediately or you'll be supporting the discrimination against Sunday workers!
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    It's a conspiracy! Galaxy of Heroes has a vendetta specifically against those who work on Sundays! Boycott this game immediately or you'll be supporting the discrimination against Sunday workers!
    Did you know that every sixty seconds in Africa, a sunday worker gets discriminated? Together we can stop this!

    Now seriously, a free-to-choose and daily limited schedule would be amazing, probably a bit too amazing. I mean, what are you gonna do? Ability mats, ability mats, ability mats, and the occasional xp droid. After all, purple materials are the only 'commodity' that can't be obtained with crystals. BUT, if only the STR/AGI/INT gear challenges were like this it would be optimal. Sadly the current number of weekly tries (45) can't be divided by 7...
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    @Sonoren I get your orginal point and I think it is a good idea. Unfortunately this thread/discussion like pretty much everyone on this board has gone downhill and the idea will probably be lost.
  • All the challenges can be auto play even top tier. However I do have to assist the AI in targeting the droids on the Tarkin and Savage challenges, but I still leave the game in auto and have no issues. Rest of the challenges don't need any such assist, just press auto and walk away
  • Sonoren wrote: »
    You noobs spouting off about auto play obviously haven't broken into the tier III and tier IV challenges lol. Auto = defeat.

    they are still very easy with a generic F2P team. I always auto all challenges while showering/eating/doing homework

  • I'd love more stuff on Sunday, Even if the rest of it was for little to no reward. I work a 13 hour shift with about 90 minutes of actual work to do, so entertainment is a prize in and of itself. (That being said I wouldn't be averse to sering all the days challenges look like sunday's!)
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