Count Dooku

Is there a way to me buy him? I dont buy when the game launch, but now i wanna buy him.


  • I've looked and it seems there are two missions you could sim or play and maybe receive a shard only, no pay-for option sadly. I've been working on Dooku for about 2 weeks and have around 48 of the 80 shards I need so by mid-January possibly, This has been discouraging to play with such difficulty....
  • I am pretty sure when I first started it was 4.99 to purchase the Pack with him in it. Really helped me early on build up and attain other more useful characters.
  • Dooku only costs 50 shards.
  • I had to get Dooku so I paid $4.99, yeah. He is pretty awesome in DM and pretty much everywhere else so good luck to you guys on receiving him but you have to farm him as soon as you get em get his gear up & everything cuz that counter is a handful plus he has speed so GL..
  • So annoying knowing how easy stuff is with him and not being able to buy him now.

    It's not rocket surgery.
  • You can farm him in two nodes or get a lucky drop from bronzium, like me ...
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  • I activated him yesterday by farming hard battles. I took a while.

    Now I have to keep farming to promote him to 4*, until I unlock the cantina battle that gives his shards.
  • You can farm him in Squad Cantina Battles at level 69.
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  • There are a few places to farm Dooku but it'll be slow-going. I have every faith that more characters will be made easier to farm over time as new nodes are added to the game, but "easier" is relative. Having 4 "hard" nodes is twice as good as having 2 "hard" nodes, but it'll still take weeks to level somebody up from hard nodes alone.
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  • I'm guessing the meta has changed a bit since December 4th. My guess is that Dooku isn't as important now as he was then.

    I'm still farming him from hard nodes, but I don't expect him to be incredibly useful until I get to farming him in the cantina. Mostly I just want him so I can make a counterattack squad to play around with in DS, cantina and early GW battles.
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