New Player Guide (April 2017)

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1. Start the game on a Samsung device or Bluestacks for bonus crystals.

2. Purchase energy & cantina energy 2x every day until level 40. You should continue to spend crystals on cantina energy until max level.

3. Get max level allies. You can visit the official forum to find allies. You can only use an ally once every four hours but there is a way you can use them again immediately. Enter a gear challenge and retreat. Your ally should be available now.

4. Your starting team should be:
Lando Calrissian (Leader) - Cantina Battle 1-E
Boba Fett - Cantina Battle Store
Stormtrooper Han - Arena Store
Biggs Darklighter - Galactic War Store
Eventually, you will want Wedge (leader), Biggs, Lando, Leia, ST Han. It's a solid team that does well in all aspects of the game.

May the Force be with you.
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