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Arena Tier List Post-Level 70 Update

0. Premise

I have borrowed tier naming conventions from Pokemon, because I used both usage and actual power of a hero to create this tier list. Why? PvP is Player versus Player and if nobody uses a character, it doesn't matter if he/she is good or bad.

While I disregarded farmabilty in creating this tier, because hero usage is indirectly affected by farmability, it will have some impact on the tier list.

The tiers are divided into five:

1) Uber Tier: Powerful characters that overshadow characters below this tier.

2) Overused(OU) Tier: Good characters that are used a lot. Uber and OU characters have heavy impact on meta, and this is why I care about usage.

3) Borderline(BL) Tier: Good characters that are used less. Either because they have Uber/OU substitutions, they are less accessible, or simply because they look ugly as ****.

4) Underused(UU) Tier: Characters that are used less for a reason. Can perform as good as BLs and OUs if synergized right.

5) Rarely Used(RU) Tier: Characters that are bad, or hard to judge due to complete lack of usage.

Characters within each tier are not ranked based on their relative strengths with others in the same tier. Order is random.

1. Uber Tier:

Aayla Secura: Still the best Jedi attacker in the game. Not a single skill to waste, and a great all-rounded stats. Her speed is mediocre.

Poe Dameron: Poe **** Dameron. Even when he didn't have top-tier speed, he still was an OU character with great potential when used in Po-Po synergies. Now with top-tier speed, Poe will guarantee that allies go first. Even if he loses coin-toss against other top-tier speedsters, he will go next, and make sure that all his allies go right after. With his exceptional Tenacity, he is hard to stop. This alone would have made him Uber. But he can also AoE expose the enemy! With some luck he alone will do 30% of damage dealt by his entire team. Oh did I mention that the same skill also taunts? For TWO TURNS? He also looks good. WHHAAAAT?

Rey: Rey, goddess of the fandom, and death sentance to F2P players. Can 1-shot anyone worthy of one-shotting (come on, will you want to one-shot Chewie?), and is super fast. Did I also tell you that she can generate 1-turn invulnerability?

First Order TIE Pilot: One-shots people with base attack, and he has ****-ton of health. Luckily for F2Ps he isn't that fast (but not slow, very decent speed). Unluckily for F2Ps, he is usually paired with a lot of Assisters and Turn Meter Boosters.

Lando Calrissian: He **** destroys ****. If used with Leia, and a crit leader, wait also Leia. Is EA supporting Lando-Leia? But besides that. COME ON! Did you even try to balance this guy?

Princess Leia: Embodying all the female empowerment that Prequels failed to bring and TFA actively pursued, she is so good on her own yet her buffs are just yikes...

Qui-Gon Jinn: The great Jedi leader, and forms important synergy triangle with Aayla Secura and Kit Fisto. He is fast, and will only be fastest from the second turn.

Geonosian Soldier: With top-tier speed and deadly damage, he's HP is over 10k threshold too, which is nice. His assist has awfully short CD, which will bring a lot of assists to the team, and his turn meter gain coupled with speed is simply deadly. Will fit any composition (assist composition, crit composition, as well as speedster composition). He looks ugly so I wanted to give him an OU, but consensus seems to differ.

2. Over-Used(OU) Tier:

HK-47: He leads the F2P droid teams to Top 10s and his leader skill is really, really good. Also provides nice utilities with AoE ability block. Also, he looks cooler than the other ****-heads. But not cool in non-droid standards.

IG-88: This **** (literally) is the glass cannon of the F2P droid teams. Now with buffed Poe, IG-88 has to fear nothing and will unleash deadly damage to anyone who failed to neuter Poe.

Darth Sidious: Once god of the Arena, and bane of GW, now he has fallen from that status but he is still used a lot. Now that his top-tier speed is contested by many, he is less useful, but he is still seeing a lot of usage, and deserves OU. His Deathstroke tricked many into believing that he can guarantee a heal block, when in fact he has 0% Potency to back it up. LOL. But he IS good. His speed is still the top-tier, and his survivability is simply wonderful against AI opponents who just can't focus a target down. Also, let's not forget his leader skill.

IG-86: This **** (again, literally) is the oil of F2P droid teams. He links HK-47 leader skill synergy to IG-88 (who is quite slow). Together they form the great droid synergies, and is the core of any droid team, which is ridiculously good thanks to Poe's ascent to Godhood.

Luminara Unduli: The beacon of hope for F2P players, and if this was GW tier list, I would give her Uber. Still, good stat and 100% Ability Block with actual Potency to support, and an awesome heal with HoT makes her go-to choice when looking for a healer to perform outside her synergies. She can show surprising potential in well-synergized groups like Jedi and evasion squad.

Poggle the Lesser: Amongst OU characters, Poggle is closest to Uber status. With awesome speed, great base attack (60% for Ability Block!), and tremendous utility, Poggle is overused for a valid reason. With godlike Poe, Poe and Poggle form the core Po-Po synergy that can just about fit in any glass cannon team.

Captain Phasma: Like real world Phasma, her hype has passed, but still is a great character who brings everything to table: damage, utility, utility, and utilty.

Old Daka: Now her speed is not what it used to be, but her stun still shoots straight now with 87% potency to back her stuns. BTW her stun has 67% to stun at least one enemy, and with that potency, it's not likely to get resisted. Oh, she also revives people. Some freak RNG accidents can turn the tide of battle too.

Kylo Ren: Kylo is a unique character. I would say he is the most well-designed character in the game. He is actually one of the few characeters that player needs to make constant choices: should I use AoE to proc Retribution or should I use Outrage to focus a priority target? should I maintain his HP below 50% or heal up? Because his CD is constantly refreshed, first question is actually constant one throughout the battle, and his low speed makes Retribution more valuable. However his CD refresh comes with a caveat: Kylo's base attack deals worse damage than some of the weakest tanks and healers.

Barris Offee: Barris is character with one of the best designs, her equalization heal is truly a unique ability that can be capitalized if a squad is built right. Even if not, her standing there will have you make different choices than the usual ones. (for instance, Sid opening with AoE instead of heal block)

Count Dooku: This old guy is fast as hell, but he lost his sole throne at top-tier speed to bunch of low-lifes. However, thanks to his cantina node, he will see even more usage, and he can actively counter Poe,as his Potency is 100% (High Potency for an old man!). But his stun chance is quite low against non-Jedi. Maybe Dooku can try giving Poe a lightsaber.

Kit Fisto: A Jedi version of Dooku, only slightly better, and way less farmable.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben): The master AoE debuffer, useful at all star levels. Also has a surprisingly good leader skill, if synergized right.

Boba Fett: He is painfully slow. But he has one thing going for him, which is his awesome leader skill. He also has nice AoE utility with 80% to ability lock! that is right behind Ben Kenobi! Crit damage +50% is a boon only Boba can provide, and paired with Crit Chance buffer like Leia, Boba will take the teams to next level.

3. Borderline(BL) Tier:

Grand Moff Tarkin: I evaluate him to be more useful than Old Ben, as he does more damage, and with healers slowly phasing out, it is better to just Offense Down than Offense Down and Ability Lock, as the former can make enemies waste their strongest attacks. However, the players are not using him.

Darth Vader: As levels increase, and as his star level stays, he is becoming less relevant everyday. It almost feels too real to see this old guy gets steadily replaced by young ones like Poe the Greaser. But luckily, all his abilities don't need stats to be strong: 65% ability lock, AoE DoT, and his checkmate skill that can still one-shot someone if stars align.

Cad Bane: Wow this guy sure is slow, but he sure has best stuns in the game. He also deals decent damage, and crippling damage against Jedis. Can perform well in Assist-heavy squads.

Anakin Skywalker: The Childslayer. He is incredible strong, and exceptional in Jedi squads, but he is hard to farm, and thus is seeing limited usage as of now.

Resistance Trooper: Why he is not seeing more usage is a question to many, but probably because he is a **** to farm. Expose, and turn meter on expose, great damage, decent speed, really good character overall.

Ewok Elder: One of the most annoying characters to exist. SO SATISFYING TO KILL THEM. Double revive is nightmarish. Moreover, unlike other Ewoks, people actually use this guy. Sadistic ****. However, he poses limited offensive threat, unlike Daka who can stun the **** out of her enemies.

Hoth Rebel Scout: Top tier speed, awesome damage, with great turn meter manipulation, he would be wonders in crit-squad and just anywhere in fact. But he is hard to farm, and nobody uses him.

First Order Officer: Very nice speed (not top-tier though), awesome damage when used with Phasma, and just compliments Phasma so well. His damage is way over chart when all 5 allies have Advantage. However, because he is difficult to farm, he is not seeing enough usage to be an OU character.

Nute Gunray: He hits hard (base attack: 3.6k w/o armor) and he's super fast. Once he goes stealth, his crits are almost guaranteed too. But he somehow doesn't see enough usage to be classified OU. Will fit well in either crit squad or stealth squad.

Greedo: Greedo hits hard, but he just can't shoot first. He can do 3.66k w/o armor with base attack, and if he crits, he has 50% to attack again! While his speed is iffy, his HP does go over 10k threshold with this patch.

Resistance Pilot: Again, all BL characters hit hard, and so does Resistance Pilot. While his speed is lackluster, his Resistance synergy and access to mighty Exploit makes him worthwhile in critical squads or resistance squads. Unfortunately, neither of them are seeing much usage these days.

Dathcha: Actually hits quite hard, and has a decent speed. He can AoE Ability Block, AND against droids, also stun them. But Dathcha is not seeing enough usage, particularly because people do not know there is Dathcha. Dathcha looks almost identical to Jawa, and people hate Jawa. Only if he was Darth Cha...

Luke Skywalker: Luke, you can never be as good as Geonosian Soldier, I mean you are slow. But he sure deals a lot of damage, and can stun reliably if synergies fit right.

Jedia Counslar: A poor man's Luminara. His heal is actually better, due to shorter CD. But less speed and less damage.

Ewok Scout: Surprisingly decent attacker with decent speed, also makes WONDERFUL NOISES when he dies! Makes me so happy.

General Veers: He is one of those characters so rarely seen that it is hard to assess. He will do high-powered AoE damage and a good base attack. Also, he has a nice snow-ball passive that can win you fights. Probably not used because he is hard to farm.

Ima-Gun Di: This guy with weird name (Gun Di means **** in Korean, which he has as his face) has great potential, especially with the advent of glass cannons. Build a tanky Jedi squad and let them come, we can counter you through your Poe-taunt? Nah... No whale employs passive strategy.

4. Under-Used(UU) Tier:

Darth Maul: He sure hits hard, but he sure gets killed-off easily. But unlike Rey who is damm fast, Maul is slow. Ahsoka-slow.

Clone Sergeant Phase I: Only if he had just more speed, he could have been a great fellow. He still is quite good, his AoE turn meter reduction is great if used right.

CT-55555 "Fives": High HP, high counter, decent control over the battle, but, lackluster damage and speed. Spoiler Alert: Unlike in the CW, he WILL die last.

Nightsister Initiate: If only she had better speed! She hits like truck and has Chewie genes in her or something. I mean her HP is wow (20k). With Poe and glass cannon squad rising, NS Initiate may acutally be more viable in the future, but we'll have to fix Asajj first.

Teebo: While Teebo can lead an interesting stealth squad, stealth squad is currently seeing very limited usage, and Teebo himself is lackluster. This is unlike Phasma who has great leader skill, and is a great hero on her own.

Biggs Darklighter: In a right crit squad, this creepy guy could be what IG-86 is to droid squad. But then he has low speed. Ahsoka Low.

Ahsoka Tano: While she is often a deadweight, her lovable appearance in the Clone Wars has encouraged some to continuously employ her.

Stormtrooper Han: Once, there was a discussion that actually said that ST Han is better than Poe. Once. Han isn't particularly slow, and can do what Poe does once he gets his turn, but he has to compete for the same position Poe is occupying and Poe is GOD.

Asajj Ventress: Buggiest baldie in the game, she has 5 abilities, and all of them are good. However, she has a **** speed, and mediocre damage output without Rampage buff. However, if your Ventress has Rampage buff, it means that either your other allies finished an enemy off or enemies finished your ally off. Either way, Ventress would have contributed nothing to this, and we all know how first kill is important to the game.

Admiral Ackbar: His rebel leader skill may prove to be useful in the future, but currently, he has a lot of iffy skills and iffy stats.

Savage Oppress: Holy **** look at his health. That is all. Thank you.

Clone Wars Chewbacca: Leave him alone. He deserves to be in the RU tier, but he is used more than what he can do. Possibly due to his accessibility.

Talia: Slow, low damage, suicidal AI, she is only healer to be in UU tier.

Jawa: Jawa is like Dathcha, only worse. He hits a little harder

IG-100: Only droid that actually looks intimidating, and only droid that isn't actually intimidating. I'm kidding. He's actually a great droid. It's just that he doesn't have any spot in well-established Dickheads47 + Po-Po synergy. Because he has that speed only Ahsoka and Asajj has.

Finn: Finn is one of the most iffiest characters in the game. He has great 3rd skill and TERRIBLE 2nd skill and situational base attack. He has decent leader skill and awkward speed. He has mediocre damage output and great survivability. Your call.

Mace Windu: Mace Windu has a great leader skill.

Royal Guard: Tauntless tanks are bad. He could turn the tide when he heroically save the dying allies with his chance-based taunt, but always remember this: If you had someone other than Royal Guard, that could actually do damage to the enemies, you would not have needed Royal Guard to turn tides at all.

First Order Stormtroopers: Even in FO, where everyone is above average, Stormtroopers are juuust below average. He has second skill that is out-right terrible.

Snowtrooper: Decent, but not worth it.

Corusanct Underworld Police: The policeman with the looks of an NCR Ranger and the power of a Bloatfly. His base attack stuns can be useful in certain compositions, but has better contenders like Old Daka.

Plo Koon: Actually a nice fellow. With awesome utiltiy, great HP and decent damage, he will have spots in LS missions, but not in the Arena.

5. Rarely Used(RU) Tier:

Lobot: Surprise baldie! If Poe gets nerfed and speed leader skill starts to work on the first turn, he may be the new Poe of droid squad. Until then, he is RU for good reasons.

Ugnaught: Never seen him. Surprisingly decent damage. But that probably says a lot about him.

Eeth Koth: He surprisingly hits hard, and has decent utility against droids, and also has a decent speed. However, none of his utilities stand against non-droid enemies. I mean, none.

Tusken Raider: Sand people shoot worse than stormtroopers. STORM **** TROOPERS.

Stormtrooper: He is like ST Han, only hits harder, and has lower speed, and is WAY HARDER to farm, and yeah.

Jedi Knight Guardian: She can guard nothing, but herself. All her friends and families will die before her. Cruel fate, just JK. Anyways, nobody uses her.

Mob Enforcer: Thermo Detonator and a Taunt-less Tank? WOW two worst things in the game combined!

Nightsister Acolyte: She wouldn't need stealth to be targetted the last.

URoRRuR'R'R: Just for making me spell this, he deserves RU.

Hoth Rebel Soldier: Nope.


  • I hope this "guide" was made for novelty purposes, there's many things wrong with it.
  • nope. its solid gold
  • We can disagree about some of the stuff, but this is an excellent guide for new players wondering which characters to focus on. Just forget about all your favorite Star Wars lore - it's useless. Pick only characters from the top tiers with half a thought towards synergies, and you'll do fine.
  • Triqui
    2790 posts Member
    This is actually a good guide. Not gospel, but a good guiding system
  • antooki wrote: »

    URoRRuR'R'R: Just for making me spell this, he deserves RU.

    Pretty good guide, Most are true, needs to update later after Feb patch, and kinda funny.
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