Current Raid Bugs and Fixes

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We are aware of the current bugs that are affecting the Tank Takedown and The Pit Raids. We are currently testing two bug fixes and are aiming to have them out this week. They are:
  • Raid rewards will now only be granted to ranks 1-50. Ranks 51+ will receive an inbox message saying that they did not rank high enough to receive rewards.
  • Players that were in a Guild, exhausted their roster on a Raid, were kicked from the Guild and then rejoined the same Guild would have their rosters refreshed. After the update player rosters will not refresh when the above actions are taken.

In addition to the above fixes, we have taken note of Players that have exploited these bugs. Action will be taken against these accounts once we have a complete list of offenders.

Lastly, in a future update we are aiming to make it so that players in a Guild when a Raid is started will be the only ones to receive rewards from that Raid.

We have attempted several methods to allow guilds to add players during an active Raid and have the newly added players participate in and benefit from the Raid. However, this philosophy has opened Raids up to various means of exploitation which undercuts the overall importance and value of Raids. Rather than spend more development time trying to enable this behavior while defending against players seeking to exploit the system, we will move to this new approach and hopefully be able to apply our development focus elsewhere.
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