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Not sure why you removed this thread.....

To all you people who come to hate on a QQ post, please don't waste the time.

Listen, the game is a lot less fun. It's grind forever for ridiculous drop rates to face improbably difficult challenges. The answer? Blow thousands of dollars. On a video game.

No thank you.

But I would be happy to play a game that offered reasonable progression rates, moderately challenging guild experiences and regular advancements. What's more, I'd gladly pay $20-30 monthly to do so.

This is something that should be attractive to CG/EA as well because 1 million users spending $20-30 a month isn't anything to sneeze at.

But if you "dumb" down the difficulty, how do you keep your hard core base that is spending hundreds every month?

Simple answer here proposed. Keep your current difficulty as an option, but make Rancor difficulty an option for the casual gamers. Here's what that should look like: those that are spending thousands and making it happen should get rewards/characters/gear at a rate that is grossly accelerated over those at normal difficulty. This allows the mega gamers to have challenge to their hearts content, but still allows everyone to progress rather than projecting 2-3 weeks to complete 1 raid.

As a final thought, the extra difficulty really doesn't accomplish anything. Team Instinct still finished it in a matter of hours. And not only that, they were extremely gracious in sharing their knowledge. But it was a couple of hours of challenge for them. Is it really worth alienating the larger portion of your player base just so your most advanced players can have a few hours of challenge?

Think economically here. Bring back lower tier difficulties. Offer kenobi shards at 25%-50% rate of the higher difficulty. Then you'll collect cash from everyone rather than push people away. People will gladly play for years so long as they can get a little more progress everyday.


  • LordStyling
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    The fact they did not make lower tiers is odd indeed.

    I don't get it either

    Edit: don't exactly agree on your opinion about GK shards tho.
  • Position on Kenobi shards is simple. Making him exclusive to the top tier only exacerbates the problem we are seeing now with the grind. Those top guilds that are out spending everyone else should get him at a far faster rate than everyone who isn't spending as much.

    Really and truly, 2-3 shards per raid would still mean more than 100 raids to 7 stars. At one raid every other day with no misses, that's 7 months. If there is a problem with f2p and casual spenders getting a raid reward character 7 starred at a rate of 2 per year, then this game just needs to die. The casual gamer is wasting his or her money at that point.

    But it doesn't have to be that way.
  • Hobnob
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    One raid every 3 days on AAT mate, it costs more to open
  • Hobnob
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    Why did I type 'one' and then '3'? I make myself sick sometimes.

    Good idea, not sure the headline is particularly appealing to devs though! :smile:
  • Good lord.... one raid every 3 days would mean an entire year for General Kenobi..... yeah, if you can't agree that's a punishing speed for non whales, then I question partialness.
  • Hobnob wrote: »
    Why did I type 'one' and then '3'? I make myself sick sometimes.

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