Character panel issue

Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone else is having this, and maybe knows what I am missing. I have 11 characters, ranging from 1-3 star, lvl 2-3 gear, lvls 24 to 25....none have enough shards to upgrade, none have equipment to equip or craft. I have no training orbs. I don't have any ability materials. Yet, on the character button, is a flashing red 3......but I have no idea why. I have turned phone on and off and everything, but it seems insistent that I have 3 characters to 'upgrade' in some manner..... Any ideas?


  • I think this might be a display bug. Other people seem to have reported experiencing the same issue.
  • I had the same thing but I'm Playing on a BlackBerry Z10 which sometimes has emulator problems with Android apps so I figured that or a bug, we're only a few days into global launch.
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