Save energy

How can i save my energy ?
Cause i saw in forom some players use that

For me if my limit of energy is reach i lose it


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    Refresh with crystals as much as you can this will keep raising energy... but you will lose the regular energy regeneration
  • Yeah, I never got that. Sure, you can exchange crystals for energy at the lower rates of 50 and 50 daily for the first two refreshes and stockpile it if you're not using it but what's the point?
    Are you going to stop farming gear so you can sit on a pile of energy?
    It's not worth forgoing the daily energy regeneration to stockpile it, even if you're only doing the 50 crystal refreshes and it makes even less sense to do at 100 and above. It would only make sense if the rate didn't scale up from 50 crystals for a refresh.

    I have a sneaking suspicion this claim of stockpiling energy is a red herring and any screen caps you see with large amounts of energy may be modders and the claim is bogus. Of course there's always been people with more money than brains, so there's that too. Lol
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  • It only makes sense if you already have a good bench of maxed toons and want a headstart for an upcoming lvl cap raise.
  • This is in no way bogus. If you spend energy at the level cap you waste the XP generated from PvE battles.
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