New tournament & Tank Takedown Tinkering

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Hiya Holotable Heros! I'm ecstatic to introduce and share some details regarding our new Streets of Jedha Squad Tournament launching next week! Let's take a closer look and get into the TaunTaun guts of what's in store.
Streets of Jedha Tournament Information
A New character from Rogue One has arrived:Chirrut Imwe!
Chirrut Imwe, a spiritual warrior monk, is a balanced Rebel attacker, capable of dispelling debuffs from his allies and granting them both a Heal Over Time and Tenacity Up. His belief in the Force and its guidance helps guide his strikes granting him, ”Strength of Purpose,”
giving him increased damage for each of his buffed allies, as well as calling his best friend, Baze Malbus (if Baze is in the squad), to Assist. Which by the by, Baze Malbus is also coming to the game as a Chromium-exclusive. More info on him when he gets released!

For a more in depth look at Chirruit and his abiltities, please review our Character Strategy post <<HERE>>

Shards of Chirrut are available exclusively in the STREETS OF JEDHA Squad Tournament starting this Friday ( November 18th 5pm Player Zone Time). This event will run until Sunday, November 20th. You will need to be at least level 30 in order to have a chance of unlocking this Rebel attacker for your collection. Just like the most recent Tournament, Squad Refresh will cost Ally Points and NOT Crystals.
The contents of the tournament rewards will be the same as the Shoretrooper tournament event, with the difference being that you will win Chirruit shards as opposed to Shoretrooper shards

Dominate the STREETS OF JEDHA Squad Tournament leaderboard this weekend to add this Rogue One Rebel attacker to your squad!

Tank Takedown Raid
We're aware of the difficulty guilds are experiencing with the Tank Takedown raid.It was ideally crafted for higher guild membership numbers and more frequent participation, but since then research has shown that enough guilds are below those assumptions to make the raid overall far more difficult than we’d intended. While there is no set timeline in regards to when these fixes will be released, we want to let you know it is on our radar and actively being addressed.
  • As always, we appreciate your feedback on you and your respective guild’s experience with this raid as we look into tuning the raids difficulty.
  • We’ve also heard your feedback on the tank animation in Phase 2, and will be making changes to address this
Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
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