PVP ELITE: 160+ million GP | Heroic raids

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We are closed. We'll update if that changes.

Hi there, heroines and heroes! We are:

We're looking for 1 player to fill our ranks.
We offer: great group of strong, active players; all heroic raids; ranking 8 for TW wins on July's leaderboard; 30k raid tickets a day; 44 stars in LS TB (very close to 45) and 46 in DS TB.
We ask: 600 energy daily; disciplined (can take+follow orders); top 10 ambition for your PVP Arena; 3 million GP minimum including teams needed for TB; use of Discord; use of swgoh.gg.

Raid rules: most important to know is that we use a 24 hour waiting time so everyone can join.
Raid times:
  • 00:00 (midnight) in GMT/UTC
  • 02:00 am in GMT/UTC
  • 06:00 pm (or 18:00) in GMT/UTC
  • 09:00 pm (or 21:00) in GMT/UTC
Our roster and guild times: How to join us: Please come check us out on https://discord.me/PvPElite (works in your browser)
Still having questions? Send me a Discord message, LINE message or forum pm:
  • Discord id: Shatterling Purslane#7950
  • LINE id: shatterling.purslane
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