Heroic Tank Takedown guild "3720 to 1" is looking for 1 member [49/50]

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For over 6 months we have been farming the Heroic Tank Takedown with our great guild :) Currently, we have 1 spot open for a new member! We are a 'family' type guild, most of us have been together since guilds were introduced. We are looking for a reliable person, who contributes to the guild and does the 600/600.

What We Offer *************************************
- Maximum Raiding as we require 600 daily from all players (we track)
- Over 80% of the guild has 30-50+ heroes at 7* (Rancor is a joke)
- Heroic Tank Takedown on farm status (it's a joke as well)
- We have an active and helpful chat on Line messenger
To Join *************************************
Message me below or post here and we'll get you in ASAP

starwarsfanbroshizzle: 497-735-142 - Line ID: starwarsfanbro
swgoh.gg profile: https://swgoh.gg/g/4884/372o-to-1/

More info on how we 'roll below:
Rancor raids are usually starting at 6 pm GMT/ 10 am PST/ 1 pm est with a 24h no damage period (we did a poll which time and raid rules are suiting the most members). Sinse it's harder to solo the Rancor, it's a free for all battle after the 24h cooldown. HAAT raids start at 7pm GMT/ 11 am PST / 2 pm EST. We wait 24h after launch before attacking p3 and p4, so all have a change to join the fight.

Our first Heroic Tank Takedown on the 26th of December was completed within 24 hours without any outside help. I must say, it was pretty awesome!! Now the Heroic Tank Takedown is on farm status (2 to 3 times a week).

We use line for communication (4 rooms: General, strategy, announcements, political). We want people to join the General & the announcements one.

Other than the Rancor/HAAT raid rules and line, we only want ppl to do their 600/ daily (of course we understand that its maybe not always possible due to RL, but we appreciate an info when people expect to miss their contribution).

There are no other fix rules, only common sense wished. That means try to help each other with tips/ tricks, working on the guilds goals (solo the Heroic Tank Takedown Raid xD) and not being unfriendly towards others.

We have several officers to help our leader, and all of them have different strengths to completely each other. We try to grow stonger as a whole, helping each other out where we can.

Decisions are made with surveys/ polls as much as possible. When there is short time to react, the leadership tries to find a solution that is best for the majority of the guild.

Thanks for reading and hope to have you with us soon!
SWGOH.gg profile - Our guild, 3720 to 1, has 1 spot open! [49/50].
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