The Best Dark Sith Attacker

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Darth Vader
Darth Sidious
Darth Maul
Savage Opress

Which one are your favorite?


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    Darth Sidious because I can rank him up without paying a million dollars to get chromium packs...also he's amazing. I'm not sure how he compares to the others at max rank, but he definitely wins when you compare him at 7* vs the others at 4*.
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    Sidious is solid. Only outmatched by a decked out Darth Maul. Some of the videos on youtube of rich lvl 60 players has Mauls AOE critting over 5k+. Thats flat out amazing.
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    Yah i guess Sidious is the easier one to get from Arena Shipments. I already got 15/80.

    Just wondering if i get 80/80 Shards for Sidious. How many Stars he start out with? my best guess 5?
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    80 shard characters start as 4* I believe.
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    80 shard characters start as 4* I believe.

    10: 1*
    25: 2*
    50: 3*
    80: 4*
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    Yes 80 shards = 4* unlock and then it takes 65 shards to upgrade to 5*.

    If you are wondering why it takes more to unlock 4* than to upgrade to 5* it's because 80 shards is what you would need in order to upgrade any character starting from 0 shards up to 4*.

    10 shards to unlock 1*
    15 shards to upgrade to 2*
    25 shards to upgrade to 3*
    30 shards to upgrade to 4*
    Total = 80 shards.

    I'm not sure why it suddenly jumps up to 65 shards to get to 5* though. :/
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