Constructive Opinion


I wanted give some feedback after some days playing the game.

I'm a long experienced player in this kind of games, HoDA, Heroes Charge, Summoners War, Monster Squad, Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle and now SW Galaxy of Heroes.

I find Galaxy of Heroes very very similar to Heroes Charge (almost identic in mechanics and content so far)

I will tell what I find good and what I find bad about the game.

Let's start about the bad things ( I prefer bad news before the good ones haha)

I'm not a heavy money spender, but sometimes I pay for content I think it's worth paying. Lets say something like 20€ a month more or less.

After playing this game and see the packs and offers available for purchase I'm a bit dissapointed.
I've already purchased the Dooku start pack and was fine with it, but the other packs I find them not worth enough.

Let me explain my point of view.

There is some kind of weekly pass that gives you cristals every day. 125 a day and 300 bonus for 5€.
I've seen other suscriptions in games that last whole month and give you the same amount of cristals for even less money. If you want this for all the month would be 20€. Too much imo.

If there were a monthly suscription cheaper to get this 125 cristals every day, or only 100 to make 2 energy refills lets say at 8€ a month I'm sure many people who plan play this game for a long time would pay it for sure.

Character packs.
I find them quite expensive, but haven't seem them in other games aside from HoDA which is also from EA son can't compare.

Chronium Cards
I dont find them expensive in the game currency, you can collect 350 cristals every 2/3 days if you dont make any energy refill, but I think they should give you always a guanteed 3*/4* character if you buy a 4/8 data pack.

Hard Stages
I find here the most expensive and disappointing payment (with in game currency). 50 cristals to reset a hard stage to try to farm a not guaranteed character shard. I think it's not worth. In Heroes Charge it started with lower cost and it raised up if you wanted to reset more times.
This way you could focus with one character.

Galactic War.
I've played it only 3 times and I think it's too much RNG based. The first 2 times I was able to complete it with some difficulties, found it challenging and very fun to play.
Last time I could not pass above stage 8 because of a team 6 levels higher than me (43vs49) and full of 4* and 5* characters.
I'm not saying that we should be able to finish it all days, it must be a challenge, but the last situation wasn't, just was a STOP, game over.

Ok i'm finished with the "improvable" things! Now let's focus on the good things.

The game si very good at the graphics and sound for a mobile game.

Find very good the idea to play the dark side and the light side.

Although we have yet few characters the game seems oriented to build tematic teams (imperial soldiers, jawas, jedis, etc..) which I find very good idea.

Also to have to type of energies (cantina and normal) I find it very user friendly, not having to decide wheter to spend your energy in one or the other. also you can refill both, so very good pint for developers here.

And the most important one.... IT'S STAR WARS!!!!

Well I hope you find all this interesting

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