New Characters?

Hello Everyone. I have been playing this great game for a month now and I cant get off it. I was hoping that some more characters would be introduced. For some reason Yoda is on the opening loading screen but not in the game, does anyone know if he will be introduced with other characters. Also, Luke is wielding the famous Blue lightsaber and ive seen in some of the game trailers that Luke is shown using a saber attack move. Does this mean that he will be upgraded to that? Comment down below if you know anything about this topic and let me know what characters you would like to see in the game. I personally would like Jango Fett :smile:


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    Hi C_Mack406,

    Glad to hear you‘re enjoying Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.
    The game is still brand new, we‘ve already gotten a few new characters when the new movie TFA was released, just be patient and i‘m sure eventually the iconic characters such as Yoda or Jedi Luke will be available to play.

    Happy gaming.
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