7-Star Darth Vader FINALLY acquired!! (100% FTP player)

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Hey everyone, today marks a great day in my Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes history!! After 10 grueling months of endurance, perseverance, and patience, I've FINALLY promoted the elusive Darth Vader to 7-Stars!! =D

I'm a 100% F2P (Free-To-Play) player [player that has spent $0.00 on the game], and I must say that it feels good to finally be done with constantly hoping for good Shard Shop RNG, struggling for achievements, etc. for this character. I had intentions on getting Vader from the first day I played this game.

I acquired my last 3 needed shards from the new Fleet Shipments; this was actually the first time I've seen his shards in the Fleet Shipments. Before the Ships update, I already had him a 97/100, so the majority of my shards came from Achievements and the Shard Shop. I've never refreshed any shop ever.

Anyway, I've made a video of me promoting him as a "celebration" of sorts, as I think this deserves one. Please enjoy! ^__^

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