It's just RNG!

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edited January 2016
Earlier in the week, someone mentioned how they noticed with using an ally assist ability that if a teammate was stunned, the app would not call in an assist because it was wanting to use the stunned character.

Since then, I have been paying attention and sure enough, if I have a character stunned and go to use Fives' ability, it is looking to call in that stunned ally EVERY TIME. So now I need to always remember to not even use that ability if I have someone stunned as to not have it go to waste.

But hey, all just RNG! Having the same thing continually happen is clearly the definition of random rather than them specifically programming in something to happen that will screw over the user.

How about all the whales quit forking out their ridiculous amounts of cash on this app so these guys may have some incentive to actually fix all of the broken crap in their product.


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