Suggested Change for SA Timer

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edited January 2016
Wouldn't it make more sense to have the SA timer roll over during a range of time, rather than at an exact time every day?

Instead of midnight, how about sometime between 10PM - 2AM? The devs can generate a random time each day, which is unknown to the community.

  • It would prevent last hour/minute ninja-ing of ranks, which is possible with a weaker team since AI has some deficiencies.
  • The randomness to when awards are given, will punish those who are waiting to the last minute with a weaker team, because they may be able to get to a higher rank, but are quickly pushed out of that rank...and they may end up waiting too long.
  • Those in other time zones wouldn't have to adjust their schedule to make sure they play at an exact time each day (or lose their rank).
  • Finally, the biggest win for EA: Those who are obsessed with the top tier ranks will spend crystals knocking each other off repeatedly until the timer goes. At present, they just wait until the last hour or 30 minutes to use their 5 free tries. And why shouldn't they have to spend crystals...they are getting 200 - 500 of them a day for free?

This is not a complaint or a whine post. It just seems to me like it would make more sense. Just a thought.

If this has already been suggested, my apologies.
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