Do SIM battles ever award character shards?

Hey team - Looking to focus on getting some new characters. For new cantina battles, you gather random character shards usually. For SIM runs, do you ever get awarded the character or do you need to manually fight the battle for a better chance? I was also wondering if HOW you won the battle and with most amount of left over fire-power has anything thing to increase the probability of being awarded a character shard. Advice appreciated. Wanted to optimize my farming work.

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  • Timba
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    Yes. I have been SIMing for Chewbacca and have been receiving normal shards. As far as we know there isn't any modifier for "drop" odds based on stars or any other modifiers. Just sim it away.

    Also if you haven't noticed, you only get 10 Tickets if you refresh your Cantina energy, and 20 for normal energy. I prefer refreshing normal energy, you can farm gear, which you always need, over refreshing cantina energy, where in time, you can get the shards.
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  • dauz6063
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    From my experience, there is no difference between manually play or using SIM run and also there is no difference in star count or how well you perform in a mission either. Its the same RNG for the shard or loot drops. So you can use SIM token on those mission no problem. :)
  • Thanks for the response Timba and dauz!

    Known as íN Quartus Ω in the game
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