Greedo is hilarious

I took a chance on this guy with my arena tokens, and have been slowly building him and upgrading abilities.

Is he a troll? Perhaps. Is the thought of him critting and then getting a second free attack unbeknownst to my PvP challengers, hilarious? Oh yes yes.

Anyone else having a great time with characters they are experimenting with? I'd love to stumble across Lando one day. Boy that would be a fun scoundrel team.


  • woodchuck
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    Greedo is hilarious. I don't have him but only seen him in the campaign battles.

    if anything, this game is full of characters that surprise you. it seems all characters are strong if leveled up.
  • I have him, but outside of one challenge, I don't really use him. His basic attack actually seems pretty good at low levels, but the grenade is kinda lacking. Have you trained that up, and does it become worth using?
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