How do you think this mode will work?

So we know EA/CG are gonna add a clan/guild/alliance (whatever it ends up being called) mode or feature, I'm curious how you all think it's going to work. I think with the way they changed GW(emphasizing a broader roster of USEFUL toons) it will be something like DS/LS battles where either it's 3v3 or rather 1v1 in a sequence of three battles or GW 5v5 where yourself and 4 other ppl in your guild pick 1 toon per battle, and then can't use that toon again, regardless of them dying or not, for either the remainder of the mode timer, (like how GW gas a 24 hour timer) or at least the next encounter (so you can only use your sid every other battle). Barring you from abusing those 7* consecutively and forcing you to use toons who you probably didn't spend the most time on. Unless you have like 12 maxed out ppl


  • Well there are multiple staples to a mobile game guild.

    1. Guild Shop- as the guild levels up, more items become available to purchase by members.
    2. Guild currency- usually obtained from guild events, raids, helping members etc.
    3. Guild events- Guild boss/Raid that a guild leader can activate or spawns at a certain time. Each member gets 3-5 attempts at the boss to do as much damage as possible. Rewards distribution based on how much damage each member inflicts.
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