A female characters only event

After looking at the characters a nightsister team would kill it in this type of event. How would you do in a event like this? I know I would scramble to level my female characters to create a full team.


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    Well I have the obvious candidates; Lumi, Barriss and Talia, I'd then add my Asaji who can be very useful when RNG doesn't screw her over and the only other option I'd then have is Phasma. Could I count 1 of my droids as a female? :p
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    For equality lets have a male characters only event also :).
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  • Rolf
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    Think I'd be ok. My Lumi, Daka, and Phasma are very strong, and i could boost up my Talia some. Don't have a ready fifth though, hmm. Maybe HK could go undercover? :)
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  • EM650
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    Mine would be Phasma, Lumi, Rey, Daka, and maybe Aayla or Assaj?
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    My Lumi, Daka and Phasma are all 7* (actually Daka waiting on credits but I have the shards) I have Talia and Ventress at 5*, I think I'd do ok.
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  • Barrok
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    Ugnaught only event.
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    I have Phasma, Rey, and Lumi all maxed gear or close to it. Talia and Ahsoka are probably my next best, though they would need some gear/leveling attention to survive more than a few hits.
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    I only have Phasma, Barriss and Daka ready to go. I would need two more to compete with some of you, lol. To bad CG can't follow MKX type of events. Characters aren't as easy to aqurie in GOH as in MKX. That would be the only thing stop these kind of events.
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