Hi from a new player! questions

Hello all from spain, i'm a new player and I have a few questions to start on the forum.

I had luck?? getting a 4* lando on chromium, but it's the only 4 stars I got until now.I have a 3* luminara, greedo, chewie, luke, jawa and Talia.Who's worth leveling from them?

I have also consul jedi 2*, kit fisto 2*, ewok explorer 2*, Ahsoka Tano 2 and a phew 1* as geonosian soldier, IG_86, snow soldier and royal guard.Any of them worth someting? lol.

And finally, who have to be my objectives of farming shards on GW, Arena, etc??

Thanks and enjoy this great game!


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    Hola mi amigo.
    Congratulations on Lando, he's Chromium only though, same with Kit Fisto so probably not worth investing too much into since you can't star them up without big spending on Chromium packs. Just get them to be moderately solid to help in Arena and Challenges until you can replace them. Unless you want to become a whale, crystals are better spent on energy refills for farming gear and shards in cantina battles and hard nodes. A few Chromium packs when you're starting out can give you a leg up but it's not a way to star up toons unless you want to spend thousands.

    My recommendation would be collect Lumi in GW shipments, Sid in Arena and Farm Luke or Geonosian Soldier in Cantina battles (your Luke is already 3* so maybe go with him) and either Daka or Poe in Cantina shipments though Fives is good too.
    A taunting tank like Chewie is helpful at lower levels plus you need a few tanks for the Tank challenges (Royal Guard can be used here), only issue is Chewie competes for shards with Luke or Geo Soldier in Cantina battles. Fives is also a tank but without the taunt, he's a solid toon who fits well with almost anybody but competes for shards with Poe and Daka.

    You'll need Daka sooner or later to advance in DS missions so I'd go that way personally in Cantina shipments but it's up to you.

    You'll also need more healers to get through GW once you have it unlocked so eventually you'll need to work on JC too, though Daka helps out here, her primary use is as a stunner and the occasional revive helps as well.

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    Hello Sion!

    http://www.swgohcantina.com is a great help and something to start with.

    Here is a beginners guide:

    There are also many tips and guides on the forum if you have time to check it out.
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    Thanks cronoz and jabber, yes i'll check the forum as soon as i can.!
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