Emperor's Demise - Can my old team 7* it?

Hey guys!

I'm just coming back to the game this week after not touching it for 4 months. I see that the Emperor's Demise is coming back up on the 23rd. I was not playing the game when it first game out so I've got no idea how viable my current Rebel team is to unlock 7* Palpatine. Here is who I've got:

ST Han - Level 80, G10, 7*
Lando - Level 80, G10 7*
Ackbar - Level 80, G9 7*
Leia - Level 80, G8 7*
Luke - Level 70, G8 7*
Biggs - Level 53, G7 7*

They said they didn't change the difficulty from last time. So I'm wondering if anyone out there beat it with a similar lineup or has any thoughts/suggestions?

Many thanks!


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