Emperor's Demise Help

Hey all looking for some help/advice with finishing off the 7th tier of Emperor's Demise. I've run it a few times today and can't quite seem to get over the hump. I was at 5 when it started today and cleared Tier 6 fairly easy. Stuck now.

I'm running a team of Lando, AA, Leia, Biggs, and StH. All are level 84 (which is where I'm at currently), all are gear 8, and all are modded to the max level with different sets of mods (mostly crit damage). Everyone has a mix of 1-5 dot mods.

I've tried using different leads and can usually knock out the RGs and sometimes Vader or Emperor depending on how I go about the battle and RNG.

Just looking for some advice on strategy to finish this. I'm f2p and none of my other Rebels are close enough to swap out for this. Thanks in advance for the help.


  • Gearing is really the key. I ran nothing less than gear 9 and trucked it easily. I cant imagine g8 is quite there yet. If you could get lando and sth to g9 before event is over you should be fine.
  • Actually it's not the gear, it's Wedge. I one shot it w a lvl 76 F2P alt, all G8 except Lando which is G9 w Wedge lead. Probably AA is better but got it on first try.

    I can't offer advice on how you can do it w your team but Wedge is the single most important toon for EP event. His AOE is anti empire, he's got defense down, and hits hard w defense down debuff. His lead heals as well. Biggs without Wedge is nothing better than meh.
  • Got him! Just took a little persistence until the hits fell my way.
  • I ran Akbar g8 led, Leia gear8, hrsc gear8, Biggs gear 8, and sthan gear 8. I put my best mods on them and finally beat it. Took out rg on left first.
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