Dark side 7d

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Can someone please tell me a team that can beat this?


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    Daka, Talia, Vader, Ren and Sid. Borrow a Phasma
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    Daka, Talia, Sid, Asajj, Phasma + borrow who ever :)
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  • EM650
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    For me Phasma, Sid, Dooku, Daka, FOTP/GS and borrow 7* Darth Maul.
  • Triqui
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    I beat it with my droids but can't 3* it. IG88 dies all the time to Kit Fisto's counter attacks. Think I'll have to level Daka to 70 :(
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    Sid Daka dooku kylo vader and borrowed phasma.
    Ofc you cant 3 star it cause enemy seems to focus on Daka. Havent tried on lvl 70 and with high level talia as healer. Or maybe asajj now since she can Aoe plus heal at the same time
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    Phasma (L) Sid Kylo Maul Daka. Borrowed a Talia. I got lucky in the end though Maul got rezed 3 times in a row by Daka's passive for the 3 star
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    The fact that there's a bug that doesn't show any allies on the "Borrow A Hero" screen (on ANY DS Hard battles) makes this very difficult - all that shows is 2-3* garbage with under 2k power. I am level 70 running
    7* Sid
    6* Talia
    5* Dookus and Daka and can't really come close - the last stage crushes me. The borrowed "hero" is dead and long gone by the end of Stage 1, barring a Daka save
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    Best team you can muster plus Daka. Without Daka you can still finish it with a strong enough team but 3* would be tough.
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