Excessive Memory Leak

I have suspected a large memory leak in the game due to numerous different phones, of all specs, having issues with the game gradually slowing and crashing, particularly during Fleet.

However during a memory test on my pc (unrelated to this game) and noticed the game causes huge leaks 1gb-1.5gb via BlueStacks also. While it isn't slowing and crashing due to a pc's much high spec, when the game is closed down the 1-1.5gb memory becomes unusual and doesn't shrink down, only the amount used by BlueStacks.

I have tested several other apps/games in BlueStacks to find the leak is minimal 0.1gb tops, but SWGOH bleeds ram like no tomorrow. Causing the need for a restart to recover it, a step not required on any other game in BlueStacks.

Figured I'd drop that info here, as it explains the phone issues.
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