Recommended power and strats for Ship Ability Materials Challenge Tier III

I just spent about $400 to get enough dark side ships to 5 Stars so I could do the Grand Moff Tarkin Challenge and in turn the Tier III Ship Ability Material Challenge. I am unable to defeat the GMT challenge and I'm hoping to find some help regarding the strategy to defeat this challenge and later on the Ship Ability Material Challenge. I got tired of spending 2K points for one Zeta mat, and I really need to get with the rest of the player base because I'm falling more and more behind the curve.


  • Yeesh, I hope it was Christmas money you spent, lol.

    Which ships do you have and what level are the toons that fly them?

    There is another thread about this same thing I just posted on about an hour ago.

    Geo Soldier
    Tie Fighter
    Sun Fac
    Geo Spy

    We're the ships I had and I BARELY beat it to get Moff to 5*.

    Leave the Falcon alone and go for either Poe or Wedge first, followed by Biggs, Resistence Pilot and finally the Falcon.

    Tarkin needs to be near max so his ultimate special can do enough damage to take out a ship or two.

    Good luck.
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    I have "beaten" the 5* GMT capital ship challenge (i.e. I have brought the last enemy ship to red health with my ships positioned for a finishing blow). However I didn't actually finish it off because I'm a completionist and I want 3*s on everything, and I would have gotten 2*s since I had lost my Sun Fac (weird reason, I know).
    The ships I used were Vader's TIE, Boba Fett, Sun Fac, GS, and Imperial TIE. The enemy Millenium Falcon is fairly quick and uses Thrust Reversal about 90% of the time. Unfortunately this means that if you try to hit the Falcon, you will get target locked (since the Falcon is buffed) and enemy Biggs will taunt. Either attack the Falcon with a high tenacity ship, or try to burst it down before it goes. Also important is sticking target lock on Biggs and then using Imperial TIE to do Buff Immunity. This allows you to take care of the other ships. Ability blocking helps too.
    Threat levels:
    1. Falcon (highest threat because highest damage output & AoE attack; if buffed, inflicts target lock on attackers; if ability blocked, goes several times in a row for each stack of thrust reversal, otherwise does massive AoE damage; if called to assist and buffed, does massive single target damage)
    2. Wedge/Poe (around the same, very high single target damage)
    3. Biggs/RP (low threats, if Biggs has buff immunity, RP first, otherwise focus on Biggs)
  • I have Tie Pilots ship, FO Tie Pilots Ship, Slave 1, Sun Fac, and Geo Soldiers. All 5 stars obviously, all at least G8 except FOTP who at this exact moment...lvl 1 g1 lmao
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